Blake Griffin Dunk Video: Watch His Windmill Against the Miami Heat

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2011

It's gotten to the point where we're not shocked by anything Blake Griffin does anymore. We just expect he'll do something amazing that will make our eyes widen and our jaws drop. A Blake Griffin dunk of the night has become a nightly occurrence.

This was last night's entry, a breakaway windmill dunk in Miami against the Heat. The Clippers eventually lost the game, but Griffin provided more excitement last night for at least a little while.

In terms of some of his other dunks, this one was somewhat vanilla and perhaps tamer than what we've seen from him before. Not taking anything away from this dunk—it's still a pretty strong dunk, one that would easily score in the 40s at All-Star Weekend.

But perhaps the bar has been raised so high by Griffin that anything he does now seems ordinary because of what he's done.

Maybe it's because he's such a freak of an athlete that everything he does seems fluid and effortless, and therefore he makes it look easier than it actually is. Maybe it's because he's doing things as a power forward that we expect to see from 2 guards, swingmen or guard-forward hybrids.

Either way, Griffin's doing amazing things, but you don't see the eye-popping reactions we once did. But Griffin did prove to me that he will put on a show in the Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend. I say that because while his dunks have been incredible, they made it incredible because of the moves he made to free himself or just dunking over people. I wasn't sure how he would fare when it's just him and technical dunks.

But he can do that too. I guess he is still amazing us.