What has Happened to Today's Stadiums?

Alex MillerContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

Any baseball fan, young or old, can recall certain baseball stadium names that just have that baseball sound. Yankees Stadium, Fenway Park, Ebbets Field, Shibe Park. These are all parks that the old grew up with and the young can only wish to have been at in their glory days. Today's stadiums have become to corporate. We no longer see stadiums named after the past greats of the team. We no longer see them named in memory of the honored, or in accordance with a historical event. We now see names of companies and businesses reining over our beloved scoreboards. The first thing we see on our way to the park is no longer the lights and the structure, we see only the multi-million dollar advertisement. We now see Tropicana, McAfee, PNC, AT&T, Citizen's Bank, PetCo, Coors, Chase...and other cooperate names ruling the fields. Our fathers told us stories of their first game at Veterans Stadium, or Fenway Park. When we tell our kids, it will never have the same ring to it. We cannot compare at all the setup of the stadiums. The game is no longer the only thing people go to see. There are distractions at ever corner. There are handfuls of people that go to the stadium and do not see the game anymore. What happened to the fun-filled vendors with the crazy schemes? We see the vendors who sell for a profit, not for the fun. Can the stadiums ever go back to the way they were? As fans, we have to accept that it won't. It is a technological world with new advances giving us these " luxuries". The best thing we can do to keep that "Good Ol' Ball Park" is go to the game, and just enjoy the game. Worry not your surrounding, just watch the game, cheer, and get a hot dog!