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Cheap Shots
IconBeing a true Vikings fan, I found myself doing something Sunday that I rarely do: watching an entire Vikings game. For the first time in a long time my beloved Vikings played a solid enough game to warrant my undivided attention. My wife staged a protest - I think I wasn't really paying attention. I was too busy watching replay after replay of Hasselback's knee injury. Or supposed knee injury.
Give a little credit to E.J. Hendersen - if he was intentionally trying to injure Hasselback, like the whinny little bitch is trying to say, then he is the most gifted hitman this side of... well anywhere. Anyone that was watching saw what happened. Hendersen was blocked into Hasselbeck, and even if there was intentional contact in no way could anyone assume that it was with the intent to cause a knee injury. Sure, being a Vikings fan I can say that there was no intent, and I can grant that I might have been a little upset had it happened to octo-genarian quarterback Brad Johnson. But give us a little credit; you would think that a quarterback who is old enough to remember the Great Depression would be a little more susceptible to the pass rushing of a tough Seattle defense. But he came out no worse for the wear and lives to see another triple-digit birthday.
Hasselbeck is mad because the normally self-destructing Minnesota Vikings did not self-destruct. Save for one lapse on Seattle's sole touchdown, the Vikings defense was reminiscent of the Purple People Eaters of olde. Don't forget that the Vikings D has yet to give up a 20 point game to anyone. So Hassle - lay off the accusations, it was an accident.
And even if it wasn't, you gotta admit - it was damn good aim.

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