Two Teams With One Goal: Win

Dan WadeSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2008

Both the Twins and the White Sox have an off-day tomorrow; the Sox shouldn't have one, but we'll leave that aside for now.

Starting Tuesday, these two rivals both control their own destiny. The next three games are zero-sum games: Win and your opponent loses. No more scoreboard watching, no more threads on forums titled "Indians Finally Do Something Right" or "Thank You KC!", it's all come down to these three games.

Or has it? Seth Stohs has a breakdown of all the possibilities for the next 6 (or 7) games.

Mathematics aside, the Twins need to sweep the Sox to have a shot at the playoffs, but as both the Twins and Sox have found out this season, the Royals and Indians aren't about to lay down and make the end of the season a foregone conclusion.

The Sox have the upper hand, no doubt, but any fan who is willing to write off the next three games as inconsequential must not be familiar with the AL Central: nothing can ever be taken for granted. (See Detroit v. KC, 29 September 2006).

The Sox have won just one game this season at the Dome, and none started by anyone besides the departed Livan Hernandez.

While, as we've all heard from our brokers, past performance is no guarantee of future results, the Sox and Twins would do well to remember the lessons of AL Centrals past: Unless you're leading after game number 162, it isn't over.