The Dukes of Valhalla Bring Home the Ryder Cup

Dan WadeSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2008

The Americans had three fantastic days in Kentucky three days better than anyone predicted.

Friday morning saw the US win or halve every match they played, and the afternoon was nearly as good. The US lead going into Saturday was one of the largest seen in recent memory, certainly the largest the US had enjoyed in the last 10 years.

The Europeans weren't about to roll over and took control of the Saturday matches early. That's when US captain Paul Azinger released his secret weapons: The Dukes of Valhalla.

Southern boys J.B. Holmes and Boo Weekly dominated the three-day pressure cooker, both going 2-0-1 in front of the home crowd.

Holmes, actually from nearby Campbellsville, was greeted with a roar whenever he hit a good shot, while Weekly was roundly Booed, as is his preference. The two long-hitters worked the crowd, egging them on when they made big putts, and it worked in their favor.

Lee Westwood was so annoyed by the crowd, he chided Holmes and Weekly for the cheers that rained down all around them. Perhaps if Westwood had focused more on the match at hand and won more than two holes, he wouldn't have had to suffer through roars on each and every green.

For two Ryder Cup rookies, one of whom professes to prefer hunting to golf, this was as good a debut as they could have dreamed up. Neither lost a single match, both aggressively attacked pins as though their cup lives depended on it, and in the end, the Dukes are a huge part of the reason the Ryder Cup will stay in the Bluegrass state.