Kevin Davies Tackle On Arsenal's Gael Clichy Was Hard But Fair

Andrew McNairSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2008

Kevin Davies tackle on Gael Clichy was hard but fair!

Arsene Wenger hinted that the tackle was unfair. "It is a shin injury which means the tackle was quite high," he said. "Was it an accident? Was it mistimed? Only Davies can answer that.” Wenger told Skysports News after the game.

Well it was neither as far as I’m concerned. Firstly, Davies outstretched leg was on the ground . Secondly, he won the ball. It was Davies momentum and other leg that unfortunately clattered the young Frenchman.

Even The People newspaper got in on the act calling it a “horror tackle”. Has the country gone soft, even a working class man’s newspaper can’t take a tackle?

When Alan Shearer was asked his views on BBC’s Match Of The Day he said he saw nothing wrong with the tackle.

I’m currently listening to Clyde FM listening to Rangers vs. Motherwell. Pedro Mendes has been getting hammered all game and what does former Rangers hero Derek Johnstone (working for Clyde) think of it all?

He says it’s quite right, that’s what you do! Mendes remember is a Rangers player.

Why is everyone so scared of physical contact these days?

Pick yourself up, take a note of the number if you feel you must and get on with the game!