Could Liverpool cope if they lost Fernando Torres to injury?

anita cornwallContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

If Liverpool are to make a decent attempt at winning the Premier League I personally think it will be very difficult to achieve without our star striker, Fernando Torres.

He is already an established world class striker who can score goals, as last season proves-lots of goals.

Ryan Babel has at times played just behind Torres to the left and he plays there extremely well, but I am not sure if he is ready to play the lone striker up front on his own just yet and give us the same goal return.

With a better supply and the odd important goal, Dirk Kuyt looks to be establishing himself on the right of midfield this season. 

Having lost a good goal scorer in Peter Crouch, the addition of Robbie Keane suggests we wont lose to many goals from the team in his absence.

But with no disrespect to the other players; If we lose Torres to a long term injury-we lose a big chunk of our goal tally.

In the challenge for the title we will always be in the mix with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher in the team but to make it to the top of the golden mountain we need Fernando Torres to be in goal scoring form like last season.

Liverpool can play beautiful football, as proven for most of the game against Manchester United but then Liverpool can also play frustrating football, as proven against Stoke City.

But with the right players on the field, the right formation and the right mind-set there is no doubt that Liverpool can finally succeed in winning the long lost Premier League Title.