My take on week 4

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 21, 2008

West Virginia- Well the loss of Rich Rod may be bigger than everyone thought. It seems without Rodriguez, West Virginia is still trying to figure out what is going on. I don’t blame Coach Stewart, is just his first season as head coach. Give him some time and a couple years. Remember Rodriguez didn’t get West Virginia up to a national power team in his first year.

Pac 10 isn’t just down this year, it’s on life support- After last week with the 3-7 record including 0-4 against the Mountain West everyone was already talking about the Pac 10 being down this year. Oregon won against Purdue but was lucky to do so. This week against Boise State was even worse. Sure they almost made a comeback. Yeah lots of excuses about the quarterbacks being hurt. Bottom line is Oregon Still lost. Arizona State needs to find their running game again because they couldn’t have moved the ball on the ground against Georgia if the bulldogs came out with 8 guys on the field. And these were supposed to be the top 2 contenders to challenge USC.

Boise State’s Chris Petersen named the new head coach of….- Anyone else think we will be hearing this later this season? 3 seasons in and Boise State doesn’t look to be slowing down. Likely jobs, Washington, Arizona come to mind. Kansas State maybe?? I guess we will just wait to see what is open.

Pryor arrival- Well it seems like it doesn’t it. All the hype surrounding Pryor seemed like it may just be true today as he got his first start. Thing is he started against Tory. Now I know Troy is a decent team but I am not jumping on the Pryor band wagon until I see him go against the likes of Penn State and Wisconsin. I am reserving a seat for now though.

Auburn offense ineptitude- I heard all this defensive battle talk last week and how the SEC has all these tough defenses and that is why Auburn was only able to score 3 points on Mississippi State. What do we make of that now that Georgia Tech was able to put up 38 on the same Mississippi State team?

BYU 103 last 2 opponents 0- People have been talking about how potent the offense has been with Hall, Unga, Pitta and Collie. Take a look at the other number up there. That’s 2 shut outs back to back. I think it is safe to say BYU is playing 2 way football with an equally strong defense. BYU still my favorite for the BCS followed by Utah and Boise State.

One more too keep an eye on- Ball State I don’t think they can get the votes to get in to the BCS but they are 4-0 with a win over Indiana today. The MAC doesn’t bring the same strength that the Mountain West does right now but going undefeated is no light task. Ball State has the remaining MAC schedule including games at favorites Miami OH and Central Michigan back to back in November.

Prayers go out to Dante Love, his family, fiends and teammates. Love was injured during Ball State’s win over Indiana with a cervical spine fracture and spinal cord injury. After undergoing a 5 hour surgery he is now moving his arms and legs.

Notre Dame not quite back just yet- Sure you beat San Diego State, so did Cal Poly. And yeah you beat a rebuilding Michigan in a monsoon. 2-0 is a better start than last season. It doesn’t mean you are ready for the National Championship Game. Now you have a loss to a middle tier Big 10 team in Michigan State. I am not saying that is the end of the season, heck this could be the only loss for all I know, but I doubt it. What I am trying to say is going from 3-9 to a winning season is the first step. Then maybe Notre Dame will be back on top sometime in the future.

Vanderbilt 4-0- Sorry but I am not jumping on the band wagon here just yet. 4-0 congratulations it‘s impressive and a good start. So far though I haven’t seen anything overly impressive. You beat Miami OH, a good team from the MAC but again from the MAC. South Carolina, should they have really even been ranked? I don’t think so. Rice, yeah they got rolled by Texas today too. And now Ole Miss. Didn’t they go 0-8 in the SEC last year? Sorry, beat Auburn in 2 weeks and you got my vote.

Whats up with UCLA?- Big win over Tennessee in overtime in a game that no one really gave them a chance in. But to follow it up with a shut out loss to BYU and a 31-10 loss to Arizona? Maybe we should just chalk up the Tennessee game as beginners luck.

Is Penn State good?- So far they have killed their competition. But has anyone looked at their schedule? Outside of Oregon State, and even that may not be to impressive with the state of the PAC 10, no one on the schedule really merit’s a quality win.