Where In The World Is Tom Brady?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst ISeptember 21, 2008

Before Sunday’s Dolphins/Patriots game, Miami linebacker Joey Porter predicted a victory based on the fact that New England quarterback Tom Brady was out of the lineup.  Boy was he right.  Not only was he not in the lineup, he wasn’t even in the building.  Not only was he not in the building, he wasn’t even in the zip code.  Not only was he not in the zip code, he wasn’t even…well, where the heck is he?


Injured during preseason, he was absent at every single one of his team’s games.  Now that he is injured and not present at the regular season games, it seems the only time he’s even been around his teammates was during the brief time he was in the first game before his injury.  Now we know he can’t play, but has anyone explained to him that he could at least show up to the games to give moral support to his team?


I wonder if Brady has even watched his team play on television.  I wonder if he’s even had contact with his team.  Which begs the question, how much of a team player is the reigning M.V.P.?  As I mentioned in a previous article, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was also injured during the preseason, but he at least showed up at his team’s preseason games.


It’s no secret that Brady has turned Hollywood and become a celebrity.  With all his time missed during the preseason, could it be possible that he doesn’t want to play this year?  Granted, he was injured coming into the first game.  But being out during training camp, maybe he had just lost the camaraderie of playing.  How else do you explain why the last place you seem to be able to find him is anything related to football?