WWE Talent In Danger of Being Fired

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

There is some sort of unofficial "endangered species list" in WWE, a list of superstars who are on the edge of being fired, and most likely will be after they are being jobbed out a bit more. Below are three names who apparantly are on that list.

Paul Burchill

Well, this should not be a surprise anymore.

Chuck Palumbo

Vince loved the biker gimmick Chuck had when he re-entered the WWE, and he was very high on him. However, Vince has lost all interest in Palumbo, and that's why he hasn't been on TV a lot lately. Just about all agents don't like him anymore, but the head of talents, John Laurinaitis, is still high on him. Chuck and John have a bond from working together in WCW.

Paul London

Paul has some things going for him: He's athletic, talented, likable, and bi- lingual (a big plus since WWE wants to go international). However, he has no support from the booking team, and many people say he does not have "the instinct for it".

These are three superstars on the endangered species list, do not be surprised should they be released any time soon.