WWE: 10 Reasons Sting Shouldn't Join WWE

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIFebruary 8, 2011

WWE: 10 Reasons Sting Shouldn't Join WWE

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    It has just been reported by Dave Meltzer that there has been zero contact between Sting and WWE representatives in recent months. 

    Where Meltzer got this information?  I have no idea.  However, he has contacts all over the business and he is probably right on this one.

    Sting joining WWE at this point in his career is a bit of a pipe dream.  As a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, I would be the first person to mark out at the sight of Sting in a WWE ring. 

    At a cool, crisp age of 51, do you really see Sting make a return to the ring in WWE at this stage of his life?  In my opinion, the ship has sailed on a Sting in ring return.

    I would not rule out a Legends Contract with WWE.  The production of action figures, DVDs and induction into the Hall of Fame are just a few benefits that both parties could receive with some kind of deal.

    Right now, you are about to indulge in 10 reasons sting shouldn't join WWE.  Whether you agree or disagree, share your thoughts below and we'll debate.

1. He Won't Ever Do The J.O.B For HHH

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    One thing about guys who come to WWE who were once famous in WCW is that they always have to job to Triple H. 

    Goldberg, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Hogan, Nash, Flair... I know if I think there is probably another one in there.  I think Sting should try and stay away from that list.

2. Sting Won't Ruin His Legacy... Unless He Already Has In TNA

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    If Sting signs with WWE, his legacy lies in the hands of a guy he said he would never work for.  If he truly wants to go work for Vince McMahon, he is taking a risk.

    With that being said, I truly hate TNA. 

    I believe they are the biggest joke to ever be involved in professional wrestling on a national level.  If Sting wants his last match to be a boring, swerve of a stupid tag team match, then he should allow it to happen. 

    If he wants one last run, take the risk of Vince McMahon tarnishing your legacy.

3. Show Up at Wrestlemania and Lose

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    If Sting were to wrestle at the biggest show of the year, it would no doubt be against The Undertaker.  The Undertaker will never lose at Wrestlemania. 

    Is this the way Sting should make his debut? 

4. He's OLD

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    Sting is 51 years old.  Does he really want to take such a huge risk in his career at this point? 

    In wrestling, anything is possible.  However, I don't see Sting agreeing to any kind of full-time schedule. 

    However, if Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair can do it, I know Sting can.

5. He Won't Go Back on His Word

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    I don't know Sting, but he seems like a pretty respectable guy. 

    Does he really want to go against his word and join WWE? 

    He said in an interview years ago that he would never join.

6. WWE Won't Give Sting The Money He Deserves

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    If you look at the history between WWE and other legends, one thing seems to always come in the way: money.

    Hulk Hogan turned down huge money to appear at Wrestlemania 20, 23 and 25 because it just wasn't enough for The Hulkster.  If Vince McMahon would somehow low-ball the biggest draw in wrestling history, how much money would he be willing to hand out to Sting? 

7. 10 Years Too Late

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    If there was any time to bring Sting into WWE, it would have been when WCW was purchased.  Why the hell didn't Vince McMahon just splurge a little and bring the right talent in to make the storyline and brand work? 

    Oh yeah, The XFL.

    The ship has sailed.  These 2-21-2011 things are obviously The Undertaker, so don't get your hopes up.

8. Sting Loves Dixie Carter

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    Something I cannot figure out is why all these wrestlers love Dixie Carter so much? 

    Sure, she is a piece of ass who likes to throw around money, but really?  She has no clue what she is doing considering she has hired every individual that was responsible for the untimely demise of WCW.

    Sting seems to love this dumb broad and won't do her wrong.

    Note: Please debate me on Dixie Carter not being a dumbass.  I would love to give you more of a lecture on this.

9. Not Enough Time

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    If this were to be done before Wrestlemania, the ice would've been shattered on this story already.  There is not enough time to truly build a program for Wrestlemania at this point.

    I could see something immediately after Mania to help the yearly post-Wrestlemania lull, but it is highly unlikely.

10. WWE Doesn't Want Him

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    This is the most simple reason: WWE has zero interest in Sting. 

    I really think that if Vince wanted to bring Sting in that bad, it would've happened a long time ago.  Money talks and Sting would listen.

    With the current youth movement, Sting wouldn't quite fit into the WWE mold.  He would provide us old school fans with some amazing moments and nostalgia, but this isn't what WWE really wants to do at this point. 

    In conclusion, I hope I am wrong on all fronts here.  As a loyal, old school wrestling fan, I'd love to see Sting finish his career the right way inside the WWE squared circle.  TNA is a joke and his last match should not be in that company.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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