A Few Things I Have To Say

Elija KinContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

what a freakin heartbreaker. There were a few things that made us lose:
1. The coaching was not up to par. i knew before the game we would run a lot but give me a break. all we did was run. there was even a time the crowd booed when we ran the ball the 30th time in a row. 
Bellotti also said he should put thomas in sooner. you think?
2. and when harper did throw he threw 2 ints out of 3 attempts. one was when we were about to score right at the 1 freakin yard line before halftime.  how do you have a D1 qb who cant throw?    
3. and then walter thurmond didnt play and they threw to that reciever all game and killed the backup db.  
4. we didnt finish...our kicker missed 2 fgs including a damn extra point
        after all that it the 4th quarter was crazy. we finally start passing and boom we start scoring. so close to being the greatest 4th quarter comeback ever but just not enought time. damn