Roundtable: Rutgers Fans Speak Their Mind on the 2008 Team

Adam HelfgottCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

What a start it has been for Rutgers fans. The team is 0-3, Mike Teel is taking swings at players instead of hitting his wideouts, and Greg Schiano appears as if he is losing control of his team.

All over and the Rutgers message boards fans are expressing their concerns for the 2008 Scarlet Knights.

Little did I know just how funny RU fans can be. Take a look at some of their comments and post your own to show your opinion on the state of Rutgers...

Here are some of the fans from and their posts (do not worry, usernames are not posted).

1) On the bright side, I'm going to save money not having to fund a bowl trip.

2) We are worse than Duke!!!...and we are expanding the stadium!!!

3) I don't care if our backup QBs are Richard Simmons, Stevie Wonder, and RuPaul.

4) Willie Randolph?

5) Still trying to figure out which corner the team has turned.

6) Is Ryan Hart still eligible?

7) Three rights equal a left. so I guess three losses equal a turn in the wrong direction.

8) Can Rutgers football get a government bail out?

9)MMA needs Mike Teel...Kimbo slice vs Mike Teel in Johnson park Sponsored by Stuff Yer Face.

10) Think Teel missed Lee, just like he's been doing with his receivers.