Strikeforce Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Antonio Silva: Head To Toe Breakdown

Will AndersonCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2011

Strikeforce Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Antonio Silva: Head To Toe Breakdown

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    In the aftermath of what was an amazing Super Bowl weekend, fight fans have even more Mixed Martial Arts action to look forward to with the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix kicking off this Saturday in New Jersey. 

    The 8-man, single-elimination tournament will feature a who's who among the sport's top Heavyweights, and will start with the return of the division's highly-ranked Fedor Emelianenko. 

    Coming off what may would consider his first official loss, Fedor is looking to reclaim his role as pound-for-pound king; however, the man hoping to stand in the way is Antonio "Big Foot" Silva. 

    The Campina Grande native has amassed a 2-1 record since debuting for the promotion back in 2009, and is looking to make a name for himself by defeating a legend.

    Bleacher Report will now take a look at a head-to-head match up between these two. 


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    Hands down Fedor's striking is in the upper-echelon of the sport.

    He's got fantastic hand-speed and timing. 

    ADVANTAGE: Emelianenko


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    Emelianenko, a 1st Razryad Grand Master in Sambo, has superior submission skills and, while Silva is a BJJ blackbelt, he's only had three victories out of his 15-2 record via submission.

    As we have seen in the past, a proficiency in Jiu Jitsu does not guarantee a victory in Mixed Martial Arts; particularly against someone as crafty on the ground as The Last Emperor. 

    ADVANTAGE: Emelianenko


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    Fedor has incredible knockout power in both hands while Sliva stands at 6'4" and pushes the limits of the 265lb weight requirement for Heavyweights.

    Nevertheless, Emelianenko has no fear of super-sized opponents, just ask Tim Sylvia, Hong-Man Choi, and Brett Rogers. 




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    Don't let this man's pudgy physique fool you. Fedor's got explosive speed when he needs to use it.

    As you can see from the picture above, this fight-ending blow to Brett Rogers' jaw was the result of Emelianenko unexpectedly exploding into a lunging punch that had all of his 230 pounds behind it. 

    ADVANTAGE: Emelianenko


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    This stat is pretty much a split between the two fighters. Both have pretty strong jaws.

    With Silva only being knocked out once in his career and Emelianenko carrying the distinction of never being knocked out, the fight could end up being decided on the ground. 




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    After watching this video, there is no way in good conscience that we could honestly pick Silva over Fedor in this category. 

    Witness the greatness...

    ADVANTAGE: Emelianenko

OVERALL WINNER: Fedor Emelianenko

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    While Silva may have been successful against lesser heavyweights recently, he will merely be meat tossed to a hungry lion that is eager to prove that he is still King of the Jungle—Fedor Emilianenko. 

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