Giants Strike Gold: Justin Tuck Emerges as New Star Player

Matt PhilieContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

That's correct, folks! I believe there is a new star player waiting to shine! That would be Justin Tuck.

Tuck is a beast! It's amazing to watch this guy rip through the offensive line. Now that former "team leader" Michael Strahan has stepped down from his position, I believe Tuck will be that type of player. He is good just like Strahan, but does that mean he could take that position of "team leader?"

There may be other great defensive lines on the Giants, like Osi Umeniyora, even though he's out for the season. There's just something about Tuck that makes him better.

I had a quick interview with Justin Tuck, and here is some of it:

Personally, I believe you're going to be the next Michael Strahan, not just because of your outstanding game last week, just your power.

"Thanks a lot, that means tons to me. Last week was a great week for me; I felt so powerful."

How's the team doing from your point so far?

"For all the injuries, trades, and retirements, I think we got right back up and we're starting to make an effort."

Hopefully they win this week, which I think they will.