WWE: Can John Morrison Sustain Being in the Main Event?

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIFebruary 6, 2011

The man can't talk
The man can't talk

John Morrison is one of the more talked about wrestlers currently in the WWE. Much like his former tag team partner The Miz, he has a great deal of strong supporters and opposers. And for just reasons. 

Morrison shows flashes of greatness. He's incredibly athletic and has the look of a top star. 

But then there's also the glaring error in his ways. The man cannot talk. He's awful on the mic. Not since Shelton Benjamin have I seen a more boring talker in the WWE. That's a major problem. 

If you look at the current youth movement in WWE, the majority of the new breed are heels. Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio are three really fresh superstars who have made great strides in the short time that they've been with the company. Miz was around for a lot longer (I think maybe more than the other three combined), but his heel status probably helped his rise to the top. 

There aren't a ton of excelllent face talkers. John Cena comes to mind, but the man is insistent on including words like "poopy" in his promos. Some may not see this as a huge issue, but I can't let it go. In terms of the current active roster, the face talkers just aren't there. 

Randy Orton and Edge are technically faces though both function better as heels. 

So John Morrison needs to break into the main event as a face. He was a better talker when he was with Miz and Morrison, but those days are over. The main event scene is littered with heels and there needs to be someone to challenge them. 

Have we really seen enough to tell whether or not John Morrison can sustain being a main event face? No, but I have my doubts. 

For one the guy doesn't have a lot of five star matches under his belt. He had a really good one against CM Punk on SmackDown about a year and half ago, but there haven't been that many that truly "wowed" me. 

Then there's his finisher, the Starship Pain which has been dubbed the "Starship Botch" by his detractors. I've seen the move performed live so I can attest to it's greatness, but main event wrestlers can't be botching their finishers on PPV. 

So some say Morrison is ready for the main event. At this point in time I simply cannot agree. There are too many questions marks.