If There Has Ever Been a Productive Loss...

Elija KinContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

I was going crazy about Harper last week and I still believe he may be able to get the job done later in his career. I mean much later when he learns that quarterbacks use their arms, if he didn't know that well the Ducks can teach him how to catch a well hello wide receiver.

As I do every year I check the Ducks prospects that have signed, well I did that last year and I was impressed with Darron Thomas, but I believed that Harper had more potential because Harper had a running back body and thought he could take the hits. Well, I was W-R-O-N-G Darron Thomas did something Duck fans have been waiting to see since the Arizona game last year. A finely run Chip Kelly offense, but I have a couple of questions who the hell wanted to redshirt this hidden gem?

Well, I dont know who, but chances are they didn't know about his ability either. Harper believes it is still going to be a three quarterback competition...sorry kid not gonna happen Masoli and Thomas in a competition for the MAJORITY of the snaps. In this situation there isn't gonna be a starter, Thomas may have proved he can run the offense.

But the problem is that Masoli hasn't been able to prove himself if he had been stinking up the offense no question, but Masoli just has been able to prove wither he's a keeper or not. Thomas has one thing to his resume a fourth quarter comeback, an impressive one at that but its still just one thing.

Masoli has proved he can lead a team (SFJC National, JC champs), but this is the Pac 10 Division 1 college football. I still believe in the youth are the future and why not have the future now my vote is for Thomas 08.