Week 3 NFL Predictions

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

It was just one of those weeks in the NFL, with seven games decided on the final possession. Week 2 had everything. A coach ignoring the extra point to go for the win, a Hurricane that knocked the roof support off a stadium, and a Monday Night game that had everything, including a premature celebration, a fumble recovery in the end zone, a kick return TD, two 300 yard passers, 2 100 yard runners, and two 100 yard receivers. I know if DeSean Jackson was on my team, I'd be screaming and cursing at the TV set when he pulled the dumbest pre-celebration move since Plaxico Burress in his rookie year. Romo put me through a lot of stress, but his fumble in the end zone thankfully did not lead to my demise as I pulled even at 1-1 thanks in large part to his two TD hookups with TO. The 300-yard game was just icing on the cake.

Kansas City at Atlanta

Line: Falcons by 6.5

The Chiefs are woeful against the run and starting Tyler Thigpen on the road. The RB is about to murder the head coach, who won't give him enough carries. Meanwhile in Atlanta, you figure if Burner Turner can get a 200+ yard game against a bad defense like Detroit, he should have no problem bowling over the Chiefs. Falcons 24, Chiefs 10

Oakland at Buffalo

Line: Bills by 9.5

A potential bust QB against an improved team with a rugged defense. You get the picture, Oakland will take a drubbing in Buffalo this week against one of the league's most improved teams. After obliterating the Seahawks at home and eeking out a tough win in Jacksonville, the Bills have to be flying high. With a favorable schedule ahead as well, it's gonna take a lot to slow their roll. Bills 27, Raiders 10

Houston at Tennessee

Line: Titans by 4.5

This bears reminding all season long. Chris Johnson runs a 4.24. I'll repeat that statistic so every critic of the Titans' draft choice can hear it again if they didn't hear me the first time. CHRIS JOHNSON RUNS A 4.24!!! As you can clearly see, the Titans really didn't need to draft a receiver that badly, they could start anyone at QB and still move the ball. Titans 21, Texans 10

Cincinnati at New York Giants

Line: Giants by 13

The Bengals are but a bunch of notable names until they finally put it together on the field. The Giants are maybe getting too big a spread here. Yes they are the defending champs, and yes on paper, this matchup looks pretty one-sided, but I could also see the Giants maybe being a little overconfident after winning the Super Bowl and getting off to a dominant 2-0 start. Giants 28, Bengals 20

Arizona at Washington

Line: Redskins by 3

Can the Cardinals really go 3-0? I have my doubts. Washington rebounded after an anemic offensive effort in Week 1 and Arizona hasn't demonstrated a good enough rushing attack to beat a solid defense on the road. Redskins 24, Cardinals 20

Miami at New England

Line: Patriots by 12.5

This Pats' team just isn't going to score a lot of points. With the defense they have, though, they just need to take early control of games and just sit on their opponents until they run out of air. That's what they did against the Jets, that's what they'll do against the Dolphins and what they'll continue to do until Cassel gets more confortable at QB. Patriots 20, Dolphins 10

Tampa Bay at Chicago

Line: Bears by 3

Chicago had a good strategy the first two weeks. Last week, it just backfired in their face when the offense took the whole 2nd half off against Carolina. They'll be back with a vengance against the Bucs though, who don't have quite the offensive firepower of the Panthers to play successfully from behind. Bears 17, Buccaneers 10

Carolina at Minnesota

Line: Vikings by 3

The Vikings have to feel snake-bitten after doing everything right in the first three quarters against the Colts only to watch Peyton Manning come back and rip their hearts out. This is clearly a team down on their luck going up against a team high on theirs. They called them the Cardiac Cats in 2003 for their ability to win games in the most dramatic of fashion. In the first two weeks of the season, this Panthers group has lived up to that billing, mind you, without Steve Smith!! Well, Smitty's back and the Cats have prowled their way to a 2-0 start, winning at the buzzer on the road in San Diego and a coming from behind to stun the Bears. Gus Frerotte can't manage a game for four quarters now. I don't care how good AD is or how good the Vikings' D is supposed to be, do not rule out a red-hot Jake Delhomme against a suspect secondary. Panthers 23, Vikings 20

St. Louis at Seattle

Line: Seahawks by 9.5

Remember Koren Robinson? He was once run out of Seattle after DUI's and dropped passes had him labeled a bust. After bouncing around the league as a successful kick returner, the Seahawks' Prodigal Son returns home in a time when he's most needed. With the Seahawks' receiving core down to nothing, they might as well give him another shot (no, not from the bar, he doesn't need those). Seahawks 31, Rams 10

Detroit at San Francisco

Line: 49ers by 4.5

The Lions' swiss-cheese defense is almost on par with the Rams in terms of futility. All offseason we heard about how Detroit's going to run the ball more without Mike Martz. It's kind of difficult to do that when your defense gives up points on nearly every possession and forces the offense to play from behind every game. It'll be funny watching Martz stick it to the worst GM in professional sports, Mr. Matt Millen, who the Lions should fire before he gets eaten alive by Detroit's rabid fans. 49ers 34, Lions 20

New Orleans at Denver

Line: Broncos by 5.5

This just smells like a letdown. Lost in the Broncos' thrilling 39-38 comeback win from the Chargers is the fact that they blew a 14-point lead at halftime and their QB threw an interception into the end zone inside the 20 on one possession and fumbled the ball inside the 20 on the next possession, only to have Ed Hochuli bail him out of his second colossal mistake. Denver scored two plays later and Mike Shanahan made the call of the season, going for two and the win instead of forcing overtime. Denver's defense, after looking solid for the first six quarters of the season, looked slow in the second half against SD and will have a tough time stopping the always-explosive Reggie Bush. Saints 38, Broncos 35

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

Line: Colts by 4.5

The Colts are very lucky not to be 0-2 right now. Their offensive line has been beset by injuries, bullied and pushed around, giving Peyton very little time to make plays. Fortunately for the Colts, Manning was able to reach into his bag of tricks and engineer a rally comeback against the Vikings. Meanwhile, Jacksonville is reeling at 0-2 with David Garrard stinking up the joint since signing his huge contract. The biggest problem is that this Jaguars team is not built to play from behind and they've fallen behind twice against teams with excellent defenses. Against a struggling Colts' D that can't stop the run and just lost Bob Sanders, the Jags should be able to re-establish a running game and build a solid lead against the Colts. A win, however, will be determined by how Garrard manages the game once the Jags go ahead. Jaguars 20, Colts 13

Cleveland at Baltimore

Line: Ravens by 2.5

The magic in Cleveland is over and Romeo Crennell is once again on the hot seat after an 0-2 start in which his offense looked anemic, scoring 1 offensive TD and bungling numerous chances to come back against the Steelers with bad clock management and horrid execution. Things do not get easier against the Ravens, who appear to have a competent enough QB in Flacco to manage the game while the defense tees off against Derek Anderson, another disappointment after his team overpaid him for his one good season. Ravens 14, Browns 10

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

Line: Eagles by 3.5

The battle for Keystone State bragging rights features a Steeler team with a rugged defense against the high-powered Eagles' offense. This is a game about tempo, as the Eagles love to air it out and let McNabb go out there and break down defenses. The Steelers like to manage the game, run the football, and limit offenses by playing sound fundamentally on defense. If Philly's execution is flawless and they hit Roethlisberger as much as possible, taking advantage of his bum shoulder, they should duke out a win in this high-stakes matchup. Eagles 20, Steelers 17

Dallas at Green Bay

Line: Cowboys by 3

Dallas can score points, we know that, but their defense was a little suspect against the Eagles. They weren't able to generate any kind of pass rush for most of the game and their secondary looked very beatable. The last time Aaron Rodgers played Dallas, he was put in an impossible situation, having to come back from a multiple-score deficit with Brett Favre sidelined and he nearly pulled it off. That was his breakout game and he should have a lot of confidence the second time out now that he's established great rapport with Driver and Jennings, who should make the Dallas secondary pay early and often if the front four once again doesn't rush the passer. Packers 34, Cowboys 31

New York Jets at San Diego

Line: Chargers by 8.5

The Chargers have had their hearts ripped out in the first two weeks of the season. They didn't think it could get any worse after losing to the Panthers on the final play of the game in Week 1, but after having a win taken away in Denver by an historically bad call which led to a TD and go-ahead 2-point conversion, this is a team ready to kill someone. The Chargers' resiliency will now be tested and they will respond to the challenge by blowing out an overrated Jets team on Monday Night Football. Chargers 31, Jets 13

Week 2 vs Spread 10-4-1

Week 2 Straight up 10-5

Season vs Spread 20-10-1

Season Straight up 20-11