Referees Destroy Necaxa VS Toluca Game

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer ISeptember 21, 2008

The football [soccer] game between Necaxa and Toluca took place in El Estadio Victoria in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The two teams were able to defend themselves and attempt to play a decent game in spite of the fact that both teams were denied victory by referees.


Necaxa and Toluca started by measuring their strength and weaknesses while facing each other. It was an attempt to psychologically wear down the opposing team. Regardless, both teams blinked as the referees yellow carded De La Cruz of Necaxa and Mancilla of Toluca for “Anti Social and Anti Sportsmanship Behaviour]. I did not see any proof of the anti social behaviour but again the referees were supposedly right.

The game became exciting within the last ten minutes of the game with the first goal by Cabas at 42 minutes for Necaxa. The supporters of Necaxa were celebrating with couples kissing, while fathers and sons were flying the flag of Necaxa. But Necaxa finished the first half with a revenge equalizing goal from Mancilla of Toluca and Perez being yellow carded by the referees for anti social and anti sportsman like behaviour”. Again, I was willing to forgive the referees but all of that was about to change.


Necaxa and Toluca started the game with a tie and three more yellow cards against both teams for the same reasons. The players who were recipients of the yellow card was Rodallega, Esquivel, and Simha. Both teams scored goals only to have them nullified by the referees on suspected technical grounds. While the score remained Necaxa 1-1 Toluca, one could not deny that either the referees were blind to the proof that there were goals scored or that they may be prejudiced against Necaxa and Toluca. I personally give yellow cards and red cards to the referees who ruined a perfect moment for both teams. Maybe the players should investigate the referees and the play by play. FIFA [The International Football [Soccer] Body should also investigate any possibilities of match fixing, prejudice against teams, or lack of knowledge about being a referee. My remedy is removal unless the referee is willing to admit lack of knowledge and then take classes on how to be a referee. If the referee who claimed lack of knowledge persists in the errors of his or her way, FIFA or the other football [soccer] bodies] could remove the errant referee for destroying a game.