Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers: They Made the Right Move Letting Favre Go

Jim FolsomContributorFebruary 7, 2011

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 07:  Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers poses with the MVP trophy after speaking to the media during a press conference at Super Bowl XLV Media Center on February 7, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

OK Brett Favre. It's time to admit it. The Packers made the right move when they went to Aaron Rodgers three years ago. I know, I know, at the time it looked strange. But it worked. It's time to admit it and let bygones be bygones. It's time for you to pucker up and kiss a little butt in Wisconsin. You need to get back the Packer fans.

Three years ago you were coming off a great year. You came with an eyelash of taking the Packers to the Super Bowl. If you hadn't thrown that overtime pick against the Giants...

Then the Pack decided Aaron had sit on the sidelines long enough. It was his turn. You were hurt. Understandable. You were angry. Again, understandable. You thought you could still get a team to the Super Bowl.

First you tried the Jets. It started out well. But injuries derailed that playoff run. The Jets then drafted Mark Sanchez. You needed a new team. Hopefully a team that was close and just needed the right leader to come in and make the difference.

You found one. The Minnesota Vikings.But the Vikings are in Green Bay's division. That's not cool. Because you winning would have to be at the expense of Green Bay. You'll have to play them twice. Once in Lambeau Field. You'll be the enemy. You don't care.

So you take the gig. It's looking good. The Vikes are winning. You are playing well. You beat Green Bay. Twice. Take that Rodgers!

You get to the NFC Championship game against the Saints. You have your team in a position to win the game at the end of regulation. And you throw a pick. Not just a pick, one of those cardinal sin late-over-the-middle picks that any veteran QB knows never to throw. The game goes into OT. You lose the coin toss. You lose the game.

A year later the guys come to your house during training camp and drag you out of your lazy boy. You play. It's a disaster.The team sucks. Your coach gets fired. Your body finally can't go anymore. You spend your last game in the NFL in sweats watching your team lose to Detroit.

Then you go home to watch the playoffs on TV. And who do you see? Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

First he beats a red hot Micheal Vick in Philly. Then he goes down to Atlanta, the team that drafted you, and blows them away. The he goes to Chicago and takes down the team that won your division.

Now he's in the Super Bowl. No problem. Pittsburgh does nothing but win Super Bowls. They'll take him down right? Wrong.

Rodgers carves up the Steeler defense like a Thanksgiving Turkey. This despite the Packers not even trying to run the ball. How can a one dimensional offense like this succeed against one of the great defenses in football? Simple.

Aaron Rodgers can sling the rock. Green Bay was right. It's time for you to admit that now.