Tom Coughlin Regrets It!

Matt PhilieContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

   I got to have one on one with coach Tom Coughlin. I was asking him if he regrets anything that has happened this year. He opened up to me and told me there was one thing that could cost him a lot. Simply, he regrets trading a player that could of helped them   this year. When I heard him say Jeremy Shockey, I most defiantly was shocked. Tom Coughlin also added, "If I would of know of all these injury's, I would have kept Shockey on the team!". I asked if trading him had to do with his injury, and they made it without him. He kindly answered, "We needed him to get us to the point where the injury occurred, we were set and could fly on our own. Partially, if he had not been injured, would we still make it? You never know, but still needed him to help us fly". I think it's not a big deal, the Giants look fine so far, with some minor set backs.

   Do you think it was a bad decision, let us know!

I'm sure there is a new team leader just starting to grow. Find out in a new article coming soon!