Ranking America's Worst 2010 Preseason College Football Predictions

Nathan Deal@@NateDawgAUCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2011

Sometimes we have our moments.

But for most people, the 2010 college football season was not one of them.

Some of these predictions had solid reason behind them, but they were dead wrong.

Only one out of every 120 people picked Auburn to win the National Title in 2010, if you get my drift.

Of course, many thought Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio State would be the teams to beat, and it's understandable. But it was wrong.

So, what were some of the absolute WORST preseason predictions by the college football fans in America?


20. With Jeremiah Masoli, Ole Miss will be a dangerous team.

After their 49-48 OT loss to Jacksonville State, nobody thought this anymore. Houston Nutt lived up to his last name and, as usual, it "wasn't his fault."


19. Georgia could be a dangerous team in the SEC.

See Ole Miss, only not to the same extent. Still, Georgia was a sorry excuse of an SEC power in 2010.


18. South Carolina will once again be South Carolina.

They weren't. They beat Florida in the Swamp and actually played in the SEC Championship Game. South Carolina seems to be getting better and better all of a sudden.


17. Missouri is an afterthought.

The Tigers reached as high as No. 6 in the polls in 2010 and knocked off then-No. 1 Oklahoma. Blaine Gabbert's NFL Draft stock soared as the season went on.


16. Pitt is easily the Big East's best team.

Pitt is it? Child, please. The Panthers lost to mediocre Miami (FL) at home, 31-3, and failed to win big games. They weren't even close to being the best team in the nation's worst BCS conference.


15. The Florida Gators are easily the best team in the SEC East.

This doesn't even need explanation. Worst part is their defense played well. They had no offense, nor did they have somebody who could simply snap it to the quarterback.


14. Oregon is dead and gone without Jeremiah Masoli in the backfield.

On the contrary, Oregon went 12-1, won the Pac-10, completed their first perfect regular season in the modern era of college football and went to the BCS National Championship game, which they lost to Auburn.


13. Houston's high-flying attack will lead them to at least 10 wins.

You can't predict injuries. Well, you can, but that would just be rude. All-Universe Cougar QB Case Keenum went down with an injury against UCLA and the Cougars were never the same.


12. Ryan Mallett or Terelle Pryor will win the Heisman.

They did play each other. Pryor had the upper hand, as the Buckeyes tattooed the Razorbacks in the Sugar Bowl. Pun was intended. However, neither of them came close to the Heisman. The closest Mallett came was when he stepped on Auburn's Pat Dye Field where Cam Newton was warming up.


11. Oregon State will be a dangerous team in the BCS hunt!

They had Mr. Rodgers, sure, but his supporting cast was just awful. Rather than making it to the Rose Bowl like a lot of people predicted, they went 5-7 and did not make a bowl. Worst of all, they lost to Washington State. Washington State. Washington (expletive) State.


10. Georgia Tech will be one of the best teams in the ACC.

Nope. Wrong again. The Yellow Jackets went 6-7, losing to mediocre teams like Kansas and Georgia. They also lost their bowl against Air Force, 14-7.


9. Middle Tennessee State will go 11-1, only losing to Georgia Tech.

As bad as Georgia Tech was, MTSU was even worse. So bad, they were crushed BY Georgia Tech. The preseason Sun Belt favorites once again were nothing more than Troy's whipping post.


8. Jared Crick of Nebraska and Adrian Clayborn of Iowa are the best defensive linemen in America!

They were good. But in 2010, it was the year of Nick Fairley. "Nick Flair", as he likes to call himself, went wild, constantly making game-changing plays and making the offensive linemen look softer than a pillow company sponsored by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Sorry, Roger, please don't fine me for that.


7. Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson will be the best RB duo in America.

Nope. Neither of them lived up to expectations, as 'Bama was completely unable to run the ball in big games. Teams like Wisconsin and Oregon had a better duo of running backs.


6. This is the year for "The U" to return to form.

They returned to form alright. If you're talking about 1970s forms. Miami was pathetic, going 7-6 and getting destroyed by Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl. They recorded an attendance of just over 25,000 at Sun Life Stadium for their loss to South Florida. Sun Life Stadium holds over 70,000 people, folks.

They lost to rival Florida State at home by four touchdowns and looked bad in doing so. They also fell to the Virginia Cavaliers, who did not make a bowl. This wasn't "The U," it was just boring Miami.


5. This is the year for the SEC to miss out on the BCS National Championship game!

If you're one of 75 percent of Americans who thought the SEC wouldn't have a representative in the BCS National Championship game in 2010, you thought wrong. Before the season, if you were told that Alabama, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia would all not make the title game, then the SEC wouldn't have a participant. Right? Wrong, because along came Auburn.


4. Boise State will go to the Tostitos BCS National Championship game!

The price is wrong. Boise State got to go to the prestigious Las Vegas Bowl, thanks to a heartbreaking loss to Nevada, whom they led by 17 at several points. Even if they had won, it would still have been Auburn vs. Oregon for all the marbles.


3. Texas and Iowa will be great teams in 2010.

Texas was uglier than Marilyn Manson after a fire. That's putting it nicely. They went 5-7, and most of their losses weren't really that close.

Iowa was a preseason favorite to win the Big Ten, yet they failed, going just 8-5 and losing to Minnesota. Most of Iowa's losses were close games, but unlike Lane Kiffin escaping Tennessee's riots, they couldn't make it through when it mattered.


2. Alabama will win the national title.

No Tide No!

Alabama went 10-3, and while they finished nicely against Michigan State, they weren't all they were cracked up to be after their 2009 national title. They lost to South Carolina, LSU and Auburn. They blew a 24-0 lead against the Tigers across the state.


1. Auburn has no chance to win the BCS title.

The Tigers went 14-0, won the SEC and BCS titles, and hauled in one of the nation's top classes to top it all off. Sometimes it was close, but all they did was "win, win, win."

Now that I've shown America the error of their ways, I should be respectful and reveal my worst predictions in 2010. I'm pretty ashamed of even thinking some of these things....


Dion Lewis, Pitt RB, will win the Heisman.

Ohio State will go to the BCS Title Game.

Michigan State will not make a bowl game.

Oregon State will go to the Rose Bowl.

Boise State will lose to the Idaho Vandals.

Stop laughing, please.

It's safe to say some of my predictions were worse than the Carolina Panthers' season.

What was I thinking?




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