Lea Michele, Super Bowl XLV, Minka Kelly and the Latest B/R Swagger Buzz

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2011

Lea Michele, Super Bowl XLV, Minka Kelly and the Latest B/R Swagger Buzz

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    Minka Kelly, the beautiful girlfriend of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, is a hot Internet trend this weekend because of the release of her new movie, The Roomate.

    The box-office thriller is about a roommate, played by Leighton Meester, who becomes obsessed and somewhat jealous of her friend (Kelly). As far as we know, it's not a story that was inspired by A-Rod and Jeter's relationship.

    Super Bowl Sunday is just a day away, and there are plenty of news and parties to talk about.

    Lea Michele, a hottie from FOX's Glee, will deliver her rendition of "America the Beautiful" during Super Bowl XLV's pre-game ceremonies.

    All those hot sports-related trends will be discussed in this weekend's B/R Swagger Buzz.

Super Bowl Commercial 2011: Watch Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Finalist

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    Super Bowl Commercials 2011 will be a leading Internet trend this weekend, as the big game always draws the best ads of the year.

    Here's a finalist for the 2011 Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest.

    It's laugh out loud funny and catches us by surprise to deliver a very Super Bowl worthy moment.

    Sorry, Ali Landry fans.  As much as we want to see her again chomping on some more Doritos chips, the hottie won't be making a return to her roots this year.

    You have to commend Doritos for not going with the easy win here and giving us another hottie to gawk at as she walks around munching on a bag of chips.

    But what this ad lacks in hot women, it sure makes up with comedy.  It may be shocking, but it makes us laugh because it's so true.

    Did it win the contest?

    We'll find out on Super Bowl Sunday.  It already looks like a winner in my book.

Fergie: What Do Black Eyed Peas Have In Store for Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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    Christopher Polk/Getty Images

    Fergie, arguably the most recognizable face of the Black Eyed Peas, will be getting her party on during the group's halftime performance, according to PEOPLE magazine.

    "It'll be a party in the middle of the game," she told PEOPLE. "All of the sudden, whether your team is winning or losing, we want to make you have a good time. That's our goal."

    With the Super Bow going somewhat conservative in terms of haltime shows of late, the presence of a woman with plenty of sex appeal will certainly be welcomed by many fans.

    "It's a gig that everybody wants," Fergie said. "It feels so natural with us partnering up with the NFL because we're sports fans and we write a lot of sports anthems. It's what we do."

    Fergie, 35, is not your average sports fan.  She is also a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins.

    That's right, she's serious about football and she's serious about her music.

    This sounds like a win-win situation for the Super Bowl halftime show.

    Although Fergie won't give a clue on the group's set list, there's no question that this show will be one of the most entertaining ones in recent years.

Super Bowl XLV: Recipe Courtesy of Food Network's Michael Symon

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    Super Bowl XLV Recipe For Your Big Party

    Those celebrity hounds at TMZ managed to track down Food Network chef Michael Symon to get some very important advice for Sunday's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    TMZ requested a Super Bowl recipe from Symon in under 60 seconds.  No only did he oblige; he gave them a recipe in blazing time, under 30 seconds.

    What's the recipe?

    "Pork shoulder, throw it in the over 350 degrees for about two hours," said Symon. "Pull the meat, serve it on some slider buns, some picked cilantro, pickles, maybe Sriracha and you're golden."

    Dude, that was fast.

    Symon, the same guy wearing a t-shirt with a "Pork" emblazone heart stabbed by a Cupid's arrow, says you can also add coriander, cumin and some chilis to the recipe.

    There you have it, a recipe that Simon claims will "make your friends happy."

    Good advice, chef.  Now on to more important things like the actual game; who is Symon rooting for?

    "Go Packers!" said the chef as he headed for his limo.

    Here's the video, courtesy of TMZ.

Jeanie Buss: Lakers Exec and Phil Jackson's Girlfriend To Join 'Housewives'?

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    Vince Bucci/Getty Images

    Jeanie Buss May Be Joining The Cast Of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

    Lakers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Jeanie Buss could be the latest cast member of the hit Bravo reality television show.

    TMZ writes: "Sources connected to the production confirm Buss—who's dating Lakers head coach Phil Jackson—met with casting executives recently. In fact, producers went to a recent Lakers game to 'observe' Jeanie's daily routine."

    Buss won't be the first member of the Lakers organization to join the cast of a reality show.  In Hollywood, this kind of stuff is normal.  Lakers forward Lamar Odom is set to premiere his own reality show with wife Khloe, while Ron Artest was in talk to be featured in his own reality show over the summer.

    As the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Jeannie is one of the most powerful women in sports. Interestingly, Buss could potentially butt head with current "Housewives" cast member Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, sister of the Maloof brothers who own the Sacramento Kings.

    Who would win in catfight between Maloof and Buss?

    I'd take Jeannie in a heartbeat.  She knows what it takes to win and bleeds purple and gold to boot.

Desmond Howard: Claims Phill Simms Threatened To Punch Him During NFL Experience

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    Doug Benc/Getty Images

    Desmond Howard Tweets That Ex-QB Simms Wanted To Hit Him

    Social media is an awesome place.  It gives us great insight into what happens in the daily lives of athletes and celebrities.

    You know, the normal stuff: Celebrity appearances, hanging out with other NFL greats at the NFL Experience and possible getting into a fist fight with Phil Simms.

    Simms reportedly took exception to a comment that Howard made about his son, Matt Simms, a quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers, during the college football season,.

    Here's Howard's take on what happened between the two former Super Bowl MVP's.

    Here's the Twitter post:

    "At NFL-Xperience and Phil Simms just threatened 2 hit me b/c I said his son was 1 of the worse QBs in the SEC. I told him 'LET'S GO!'" tweeted Howard.  "I am DEAD serious about the Phil Simms thing. We all thought he was joking, but he kept going and said he wanted 2 take a swing at me!!"

    What happened?

    "During the season we talked about the Tenn v LSU game and I said 'u will see 3 of the worse QBs in the SEC' That's what Phil did not like."

    Apparently it got so bad that cops had to be called in to apparently restrain an angry Simms: "It ended w/police stepping in between so I could continue my appearance w/fans."

    You can call Phil a very overprotective Papa in this case.  But Howard wasn't really exaggerating.

    Considering the SEC had NFL talents such as Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, Greg McElroy and Stephen Garcia garnering a lot of attention, Tennessee's Matt Simms wasn't exactly at the top of the SEC's list of quarterbacks.

    Simms, a JuCo transfer, posted a rather unimpressive 1460 passing yards, eight touchdowns, five interceptions and 25 sacks this season.

    Yeah, those numbers probably puts him at the bottom of the list.

    Suck it up, Phil; at least Desmond didn't say he was the worst quarterback in the SEC.

Lea Michele: Upcoming Lea Michele Performance At Super Bowl XLV Promotes

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    Lea Michele To Sign "America the Beautiful" During Pregame Ceremony

    What's the best way to promote Glee?

    Sign up the show's star, Lea Michele, to sing "America the Beautiful" during the big game's pregame ceremonies and promise a big episode right afterward.

    The savvy marketing people at FOX saw a prime opportunity to cross-promote one of their most popular television show's "Glee" with the biggest football event of the year, Super Bowl XLV.

    Michele, a former Broadway performer, has turned into a very popular household name playing the role of Rachel Berry on the hit show.

    The promise of a "Glee" sandwich with Michele performing during pregame ceremonies and more "Glee" after the game, will surely bring an extra bump in the ratings for both Super Bowl and the musical television show.

    Christina Aguilera will ring in the game with her rendition of the national anthem and the Black Eyed Peas will perform at halftime.

    Kim Kardashian and the Hottest Twitpics in Sports

Black Eyed Peas: Will Super Bowl Halftime Group BEP Bring Back Excitement?

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    Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl Halftime Show "Will Be Packed With Energy"

    The members of the Grammy-award winning group Black Eyed Peas fielded several questions during a press conference late this week about their highly anticipated halftime performance at Super Bowl XLV.

    According to band member Will.I.Am, the group wants "everyone to have a good time, dance, party."

    What songs will the group be performing?

    "We're not allowed to give away the set list, but it will be packed with energy - what the Black Eyed Peas bring," said Fergie.

    Finally, the Super Bowl will be more upbeat.  For year since the Janet Jackson debacle in 2004, Super Bowl performances have been pretty subdued and tame.

    No offense to Paul McCartney, Bruce Springstein and the Who.  But with Fergie rocking out with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas, a female sex symbol finally returns to bring more excitement to what's devolved into a pretty tame halftime celebration of late.

    What makes this even better is the fact that Fergie is actually a football fan, even a part-owner of the Miami Dolphins.

    "Sunday football is a serious day in our homes," said Fergie. "Super Bowl Sunday is the day that I can go all out - cheat - eat the seven-layer dip, all the Italian food and scream at everybody."

    That's right guys, sexy is back at halftime.  You better be excited.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom: Reality Stars Debut New "Unbreakable" Fragrance

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    Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Team Up To Create Unisex Scent

    First it was reality television; now it's the fragrance industry. 

    "He's always wanted a unisex fragrance!" Khloé told E! Online. The new fragrance dubbed "Unbreakable" will be making it's debut on February 12 at Perfumania stores.

    "It took a long time to create what we both wanted and would wear and love, and we found the perfect one," said Kardashian.  "Someone just asked me, 'What are you wearing?' and I love that I can say it's our fragrance!"

    Props to Odom and Kardashian for capitalizing on their fame for taking on business endeavors.  They're definitely milking their celebrity to the max.  And what better time to introduce a unisex fragrance than over Valentine's Day weekend.

    The happy couple will also soon premiere their own reality show, a spinoff of the hit reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    Incidentally, all this Odom-related buzz may also be an attempt to get Lamar considered for a last-second All-Star game replacement, which will be in Los Angeles.

    Fragrances work.  Ask Kevin Love, who used his new fragrance NUMB#RS to campaign for an All-Star bid.  Although he wasn't immediately named as a reserve, Love got the nod as an injury replacement for Yao Ming.

    Perhaps Odom is hoping a roster spot opens up for him between now and February 19.

Laura Mendoza Govan: Gilbert Arenas Served Child Support Papers At Halftime

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Laura Mendoza Govan, Arenas' Baby Mama, Seeking More Money

    Gilbert Arenas made his return to Washington on Friday night—the site of his controversial locker room gun-toting incident—and probably expected to hear a few boos from the crowd.  Back in November, Arenas feared getting booed by the crowd at Washington that he feigned an injury so he could avoid them.

    This time around, he was mostly cheered in D.C. upon his return as a member of the Orlando Magic.  Then something unexpected happened. According to a report by the Associated Press, Arenas was served child support papers as he was heading towards the team locker room. 

    Take that Gil; angry exes are brutal.

    Apparently even more brutal than former fans, who the Washington Post reports gave him a warm welcome at the Verizon Center.

    "This is who she is as a person," Arenas told the the Orlando Sentinel at halftime. "I have to deal with it. It's bad it has to be carried out in the public eye."

    Arenas contests Govan's statement that she had been financially cut off.  In fact, Gil says that Govan continues to receive $20,000 a month—an amount that he voluntarily gives her.

    Govan is reportedly seeking sole custody of their three children and over $100,000 a month in child support for all three and one unborn child.

    That's some major money being requested from Arenas over $1.2 million per year.

    Although he's slated to earn nearly $18 million this season, this latest Arenas newsflash is another reflection of his poor judgment. 

    Four kids with a woman crazy enough to serve you at halftime. It's another one of those "What Was He Thinking?" moments.

    For the sake of the Magic's locker room sanity, hopefully, all of the drama is over for Arenas and nothing like this ever happens in Orlando.

Minka Kelly: Is Minka Kelly Too Busy To Get Married In February?

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    Minka Kelly Debuts New Movie "The Roommate"

    Minka Kelly, star of television's high-school football series "Friday Night Lights", debuted her new movie this weekend starring alongside another big television name, Leighton Meester, star of CW's "Gossip Girl".

    Minka, 30, is an up-and-coming Hollywood name but she's been a familiar name for Yankees fans since she and star shortstop Derek Jeter started hooking up back in 2008.

    Three years is a long time for serial-womanizer Derek Jeter, 36, to be dating anyone. No wonder we've been hearing rumors of a Jeter-Kelly wedding for the last year.

    In a recent interview with GQ, the beautiful Kelly addressed the rumors of a possible wedding. "I promise you, I'm not getting married in the next month," Kelly told GQ this past January.

    Why not?  Well Minka plans on being busy promoting her new movie.  The psychological thriller is expected to finish No. 1 in the box office this weekend drawing a large group of viewers 25 and under.

    With Spring Training coming along next month for Jeter, this may mean that the couple may not find time to tie the knot before the start of the season.

    Kelly did say February is out of the question, but that leaves early March wide open for a spring wedding. 

    Let the speculation begin.