Best WWE/F Promos In History Part 2

Christy BarberContributor IIFebruary 6, 2011

Best WWE/F Promos In History Part 2

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    After the great feedback that I received for part 1, I've decided to make part ahead of schedule. The art of cutting a promo has been perfected by some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. We've had the captivating, intense, funny, and down right weird promos in wrestling.

    All of the following selections are based on my opinion and suggestions that I received. Please enjoy the slideshow and give me feedback and suggestions for part 3.

    This list will also feature WCW and ECW promos. Enjoy!

Jake The Snake's Wrestlemania 8 Promo

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    In this incredible promo, Jake Roberts tells everyone of his encounter with The Undertaker. Jake tells of him locking Taker's hand into a casket and hitting the DDT on Paul Bearer.

    Jake tells the story so well that you can't help but fear the man slightly. His sinister yet cool delivery is unmatched.

Chris Jericho's Last Highlight Reel

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    In perhaps Jericho's best promo since turning heel, Jericho spoke of him wasting his time kissing up to the fans and lowering himself for the fans sake. He was no longer "Y2J" but instead Chris Jericho.

    He was embarrassed of his former self. He danced around like a puppet and still was without the respect that Shawn Michaels received.

    We also get to see Lance Cade get on the stick and thank Chris for "saving him" from a singing cowboy.

    Fun Fact: This was the first PG-rated Raw of the PG Era

Dusty Rhodes Hard Times Promo

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    On October 29, 1985, Dusty Rhodes returned to WCW to deliver his greatest promo. He told everyone of hard times.

    Hard times is working to support four or five kids. Hard times is working the same job 30 years.

    Dusty Rhodes wasn't the most athletic or the best looking, but he was bad. He wanted Ric to know that he was back to get revenge and take the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ric Flair's Greatest Moment In His Life

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    With a tear in his eye, Ric Flair became the man. Flair lasted over 60 minutes to become the man in the wrestling world. He won the wrestling championship by winning the 1992 Royal Rumble.

The Rock's Armageddon 2000 Promo

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    The Rock was determined to do whatever it took to become a six-time WWF Champion. If he had to face 5 pissed of guys then so be it. He was ready to put his body on the line for that championship.

    If ya smell what The Rock is cookin'. ~_O 

Hollywood Hogan NWO Promo

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    In this promo, Hollywood Hogan was the John Wayne of the 90's. The nWo was the superior group in the wrestling business.

    Hogan wanted to wish Macho Man well because he had the weight of the entire WCW locker room on his shoulders.

    The sad thing was that Macho Man couldn't get the job done. This is Hollywood Hogan at his best.

Stone Cold's 1998 Royal Rumble Promo

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    Stone Cold was pissed as always. He was certain that come the Royal Rumble he was going to toss every man's ass out the ring as they entered.

    He didn't give a damn about being a marked man. He wasn't hard to find and he definitely was ready to deliver 100 percent whoop ass.

Mick Foley's Cane Dewey Promo

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    In maybe the year 1994, Mick Foley delivered his infamous Cane Dewey promo. 

    In what is most likely the most chilling promo ever, Foley spoke of his encounter with Tommy Dreamer.

    Who is Dewey? Who caused Mick to have his painful childhood memories burned in his skull?

The Rock's Promo On Triple H and Steve Austin

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    The Rock cuts a promo two weeks before the 1999 Survivor Series PPV on his long history with Steve Austin and Triple H.

    The Rock had taken both of their candy asses down that long boulevard called Know Your Role and hung it right on that long drive called Jabroni.

    But before he checked them into the Smackdown Hotel, he sang the Smackdown Hotel song. 

Latino Heat Turns Cold

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    Eddie Guerrero delivered this promo a week after brutally attacking his tag team partner, Rey Mysterio. Eddie gave Rey what he wanted; a fight.

    He didn't want to do it. It was Rey's fault. Rey made Eddie do it.

    Eddie opened his eyes and saw what Rey and everyone else was doing.

    Rey and everyone else was stealing his Latino heat. Eddie got his Latino heat back, and he liked it.

Austin's End Of an Era Promo

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    In 2001 Steve Austin spoke his mind about a few things. Stone Cold wanted to talk about a few problems in his life. He wanted everyone to shut their mouth's up because he had a sore throat and he wasn't going to talk loud.

    That past Monday on Raw Stone Cold and Triple H lost the Tag Team Championships. It was an end of an era. His name was Stone Cold Steve Austin and he did not deserve to lose to Chris Jericho. Jericho in his opinion did not deserve to be in the same arena as him.

    Triple H cost him the tag team championships. Triple H was too selfish for the sake of the team. The man who makes no mistakes hit him with a sledgehammer and cost them the match.

    Austin also had a problem with the security. You do not threaten Stone Cold Steve Austin and it's not over until he says it's over. This was probably Austin's best heel promo in 2001.

For Your Enjoyment: Stone Cold and Booker T's Supermarket Brawl

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    As I end this slideshow, I will leave you with one of Austin's greatest moments. Thank you for watching and please leave your feedback. Suggestions for Part 3 are welcomed.