The 15 Hottest Ex-WAGs

Michael GrofsickContributor IFebruary 5, 2011

The 15 Hottest Ex-WAGs

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    These are the girls we love to watch walk away, but we hate to see leave. These girls have dated guys from all sports and some of them have dated multiple sports stars.

    Half the fun of watching some of the barely decent players was getting a shot of some of these girls in sexy sportswear.

    We can only hope that a new girl will fill the void or these girls will turn up dating some other sports icon.

#15 Kristin Cavallari

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    Coming in at number 15 is Kristin Cavallari, ex-girlfriend of Matt Leinart. Kristen was a reality star on the popular TV show "The Hills", so it's not uncommon to see her half-naked or in a bikini.

    She's got a gorgeous face and a rockin' body to go with it. Matt Leinart's letting a lot of opportunities slip through his fingers these days.

#14 Tara Reid

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    I might be a little biased, because I still like to think of Tara in her good days, but I think she deserves a spot on this list. She's had some rough times, but when she's right, she's knock-down gorgeous.

    She's also made her way around a little, dating Kyle Boller, Tom Brady and Jeremy Shockey. 

#13 Elisha Cuthbert

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    You might be able to argue about Elisha's taste (she dated known douchebag Sean Avery), but you can't argue about her looks.

    This 'girl next door' is one of the best-looking WAGs you'll find.

#12 Julie Henderson

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    Julie Henderson is the ex of Super Bowl starting QB Aaron Rodgers. She's since moved on to music mogul Russell Simmons.

    Don't feel bad for Aaron though, starting in the Super Bowl will probably have girls coming in from all directions. Either way, she definitely qualifies for this list.

#11 Bridget Moynahan

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    I'm not the biggest fan of Tom Brady, but you can't really hate on the women he gets with. He's got a lineup that looks like a model runway. In fact, most of them are models.

    Out of all the women that have come and gone for Brady, Bridget takes the title of best-looking.

#10 Halle Berry

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    Halle Berry was once married to baseball player David Justice. Not only is she gorgeous, she's talented.

    Halle is an Oscar-winning actress.

#9 Kim Kardashian

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    Definitely the best looking of the three Kardashian sisters, Kim has dated both Reggie Bush and Miles Austin. The relationship with Bush was apparently very serious, until it wasn't.

    I don't know how Bush let Kim get away, but I think that Lito Sheppard's vicious hit on Bush might have knocked some screws loose in his head. 

#8 Hilary Duff

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    Hilary is another one of Sean Avery's victims. The ex-Disney star was squeaky clean until her relationship with Avery.

    She still has a little bit of that Disney good-girl charisma, which adds a little to her hotness. 

#7 Carrie Underwood

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    Carrie dated Cowboys QB Tony Romo for a while and it was quite nice seeing her up in the box. Another talented girl on this list, Carrie is a popular country singer.

    She was wooed by Romo but when things went south, they went really south. When they broke up, she spent all her time telling everyone how Romo did her wrong. Either way, this girl is just plain hot.

#6 Jessica Simpson

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    Ex-Tony Romo girlfriends go back to back here. Jessica attracted a lot of media attention when she was dating Romo because he always played poorly when she was in attendance.

    Cowboys fans were sure that Simpson was a curse to the Cowboys, and in the end, that might have put a little strain on their relationship.

    It was sad to see Jessica go, and her melons will surely be missed.

#5 Alyssa Milano

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    Alyssa Milano loves her some baseball. She has been linked to a few baseball stars. She's always been gorgeous and age doesn't seem to have an effect on her.

    She's been quoted as saying, "My stress reliever is baseball, I like the sound of the bat cracking." Hey, whatever keeps her around.

#4 Eva Longoria

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    As most everyone knows, Eva was married to Spurs guard Tony Parker. That was up until Tony cheated on her with ex-teammate Brent Berry's wife. Ouch! Talk about no love between teammates.

    The Spurs have been great this year, but they're not the most exciting team to watch.

    When you watch Spurs games, you watch the team for the winning and Eva for the excitement part. Too bad we can't do that anymore. 

#3 Jessica Alba

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    I am of the opinion that Jessica Alba is the best looking girl in Hollywood. Everything about Alba is hot.

    From her beautiful face to her slammin' body, you'd be hard pressed to find a flaw with this girl.

    Apparently Derek Jeter was able to. 

#2 Adriana Lima

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    I'm currently trying to find evidence that the wings in that picture are fake. But evidence points to Lima actually being an angel.

    Derek Jeter scores another back-to-back on this list, but his ranks higher than Romo's and it's clear to see why.

    This Victoria's Secret model is one of the hottest girls on the planet.

#1 Vida Guerra

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    Vida Guerra dated Saints TE Jeremy Shockey. Shockey is known for being sort of an idiot, and this doesn't really help his case.

    Guerra is a once in a lifetime type of girl and letting her get away is something I guarantee he regrets. This Cuban-born model has the booty of a goddess.

    She takes #1 on this list and is probably #1 on any type of "hot girl" list you can come up with.