Ohio State-Troy: Knee Jerk Reactions

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2008

I have not had a chance to watch the game, read recaps, or listen to post-game press conferences, but the following are some things I noticed from the stands:

¬ Where was Ray Small? No punt returns or routes. They brought him in for one play (a reverse, which was horribly executed) and nothing more.

¬ Why were the safeties playing at least 15 yards off the ball all day? By my very unofficial count, Troy threw exactly one pass beyond 20 yards all day. I was dying a little bit in the early second half as those draw plays were consistently getting five and six yards. I could not understand why the safeties were not being used to support run defense.

¬ Speaking of the defensive backs, Donald Washington did not see much playing time but when he played for an entire drive, Troy drove for its only TD. Not saying he was the reason for the touchdown, just an interesting coincidence.

¬ Shaun Lane has been great on special teams. He was everywhere today, following up his big fumble recovery against Ohio.

¬ Brewster seemed to play well at center. Without watching it again on TiVo it is hard to tell, but there were no bad snaps or false starts (that I remember), which is even more impressive when you consider the tandem of Pryor-Brewster had a collective six games under their belt.

¬ Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember one pass being thrown on first down. Pryor threw it better than anyone had hoped, and I thought a few first-down passes would have helped him even more.

¬ I am not sure what most people thought, but I liked the strategy used by Ohio State at the end of the first half. They had 16 seconds left and one timeout and chose to let the clock run to 1 second and then took a shot at the end zone. I know they could have tried a play before calling the timeout in hopes of getting a FG attempt, but with such a young quarterback, I thought the call made a lot of sense.

¬ Is that the first we have seen of Nathan Williams? I cannot remember seeing No. 43 on the field before.

¬ Kurt Coleman’s two interceptions may be the most athletic catches you see all year on offense or defense. Very impressive.

¬ Pryor looked better than I could have hoped. If I noticed one thing, it seemed that he was a little hesitant on the read option handoffs. On a few occasions it seemed like holes closed on him because he did not make a decision right away. I know it is nitpicking for a freshman.

¬ Can we all agree never to run the option again? The spread option does not work well because there is no inside threat and essentially becomes a stretch play. I do not like it, even with Pryor running it.

¬ I thought the OSU defense was coached up well, and bad tackling caused all of their problems. Even then, they held a high-octane offense to 10 points. I thought they played well.