MLB: Why the New York Mets Might Soon Be Rid of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIFebruary 6, 2011

New York Mets fans have wanted Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo off the team for a long time now. 

They might get their wish very soon. 

With all the negativity swirling around the Mets ownership concerning the Bernie Madoff situation, the team might be desperate to give the fan base something to be happy about.

Perez and Castillo are great people, but Mets fans can't stand them as players.  They both have one thing in common:  they are being paid too much money. 

Perez is being paid $12 million a year to be a mop-up reliever.  Castillo's contract is not as bad as Perez's, but no team wants to pay an aging second baseman who can't field anymore due to his bad knees.

Spring training is now 10 days away; Perez and Castillo deserve the chance to at least try to win a job on the team.  As of now, it doesn't look like they will get that chance.  Word around the Mets' front office is they might cut Perez and/or Castillo before spring training even begins.

If the Mets do that, they will finally give their fans something to smile about.  It may not be the right move to make regarding the baseball team, but it will cut the front office a lot of slack.

The Wilpon's are in a mess right now, and the fans aren't too happy about it.  One way to change that is to cut Perez and Castillo.