Super Bowl XLV: Packer Dissension Damaging or Just a Product of Media Boredom?

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Packer Dissension Damaging or Just a Product of Media Boredom?

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    With less then a day left until Super Bowl XLV, the Green Bay Packers are still dealing with issues off the field.

    The injured players on the Packers were told that they could not travel with the team to Dallas. Not only this, but they would also not be allowed to be in the team photo.

    Notable players Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley went public with their feelings about the decision. The management was able to change their minds and reverse the decision, but there's still bitterness in the air.

    In the last week, this issue has been blown up by the media. The question remains, will this dissension hurt the Packers in the long run, or has the media just blown it out of proportion?

Green Bay Cannot Lose Focus

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    The Packers started off the season with a lot of their big name players getting injured. It has taken a long time for them to finally mesh as a team and become the Super Bowl contenders that they are now.

    The last thing this team needs is an argument to tear them apart right before the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers Should Not Have Gotten Involved

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    As the leader of this team, everyone has to look to Rodgers to do the right thing.

    After Barnett tweeted his displeasure with the team's decision, Rodgers fired back, "I’ll say this, I was on IR back in 2006 and I chose to stick around and finish out the season with my guys and be here every game. Some of those guys didn’t. Some of the guys who were injured, they still are part of this team, but they didn’t choose to stick around.”

    It is not usually a good idea to get in a "back and forth" days before the biggest game of your career, and it may be in the back of Rodger's mind during the game.

Trust Is Everything

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    Going into the biggest game of some of these player's careers, their minds are surely running wild.

    Without having any Super Bowl experience, the only thing to count on going in is that you have the trust of your teammates and that they trust you.

    When something like this occurs, it can shake things up and potentially make some players not trust each other.

The Packers Management Might Question Its Decisions

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    The Packers upper management made the decision to not allow injured reserve players on the team plane.

    Once some of their higher profile players came out against the decision, they were forced to change their minds, which is essentially admitting they were wrong.

    This could be bad in the fact that the management might question their decisions or game plan heading into the Super Bowl, which is a recipe for disaster.

How Will This Affect the Future?

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    If Green Bay wins, this whole problem will go away and most people will forget it ever occurred.

    But if the Steelers win, there's a chance that people will look back on this and question how it might have changed the outcome of the game?

    And even further, it could potentially leave bad feelings in the minds of the players going into next year.

Using Twitter Is Just a Way of Venting

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    Athletes from every sport use twitter as a way of telling their opinions and as a way of venting.

    This "dissension" issue originated from players posting their thoughts on twitter which is a better way of venting than to get into an argument face to face.

Everyone Is Stressed and Anxious

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    Most of the Green Bay Packers have never been to the Super Bowl. They have been waiting years for this moment, the chance of a lifetime.

    This argument could easily just be a cause of the two week layoff between two huge games. It's very hard for players to keep their emotions under control when they are so excited.

The Media Had Nothing Else To Talk About

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    With no major football games except the Pro Bowl being played in the last two weeks, what else did the media have to talk about?

    Any story that came out from either camp was made into a major story.

The Media Likes To Stir Up Emotions

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    The media is known for making things seem more complicated then they really are.

    They write things in an exaggerated way to get a response out of people. This "dissension" between Packers teammates is most likely not a big deal at all.

What's Done Is Done

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    The good part about this whole situation is that the problem was resolved relatively quickly, and nobody was hurt.

    Out of all the different possible scenarios that could have occurred, a little twitter dispute isn't much of a big deal.

    Green Bay, in reality, won't let this mess up their chances of taking home the championship.