WWE: 2/21/11 Promo Identity Possibly Revealed, Barrett Denies Undertaker Rumours

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IIFebruary 5, 2011

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Today, I bring you the latest news on the identity of the man featured in the now famous 2/21/2011 promo. I also have an interview in which Wade Barrett denies that he has been approached to face Undertaker at the WWE's biggest event of the year, and to finish off I have Paul Bearer's take on the Undertaker facing Sting at Wrestlemania.


WWE Advertises Undertaker throughout the week beginning 2/21/2011

Any hope amongst the IWC that Sting may be behind the 2/21/2011 promo from Raw may now be diminished for good. After the arena holding Raw on 21st February advertised the return of The Undertaker for the event, many members of the IWC were hoping it was a marketing error on the behalf of the venue.

However, WWE is now promoting Undertaker's return to Smackdown! on the 26th of February, following the Elimination Chamber PPV. During this Friday night’s episode of SmackDown, an advertisement ran in the Sacramento market advertising Undertaker for the February 22nd TV taping at ARCO Arena in Sacramento.

WWE is also running ads in Fresno for the February 21st live Raw TV taping promoting Undertaker’s WWE return the night after the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Source: PWTorch

My Take: It now seems almost a certainty that The Undertaker is the feature of the 2/21/2011 promo. However, WWE took time and care in preparing that fabulous promo, so why give it away that easily?

It seems a lock that Undertaker will return on the 21st of February, but maybe that just coincides with the debut of Sting?

That seems to be unlikely, and the chances are that we'll have to wait a little longer to see Sting in a WWE ring.


Wade Barrett comments on rumours of facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27

Wade Barrett has said in a recent interview with Philadelphia radio host Brian Soscia that he is well aware of the rumours surrounding a match between himself and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but insists that thus far the match has not been proposed to him by the WWE.

Barrett has this to say:

“That’s not the case. I’ve had people Tweeting those rumors. I’ve certainly not heard that (from WWE). At the moment, certainly nothing has been organized.”

Barrett also added that he would certainly take the match if WWE offered it to him.

Source: PWTorch

My Take: It seems a little weird that sources have seemed to be so sure of an Undertaker Vs. Barrett match at Wrestlemania 27 when Wade Barrett himself has heard nothing from the company. Maybe he is trying to shrug off rumours, maybe WWE have not finalised the plan for the match yet.

All I know is that this has somewhat cooled down the rumour of Undertaker facing Barrett at this years Wrestlemania, and that of course opens a whole lot more discussion about possible other opponents for Undertaker at the 'grandaddy of them all. 

Just because Sting may not be behind the 2/21/2011 promo doesn't rule out him signing with the company between now and April. He is supposed to be at the top of McMahon's wish list currently, and we all know that money talks.


Paul Bearer comments of rumours of Undertaker Vs. Sting at Wrestlemania 27

In an interview with ClubWWI , Percie Pringle (Paul Bearer) commented on Sting possibly signing with WWE and whether or not a feud between The Icon and The Phenom would be a good idea.

Here is what he had to say:

"I would think it would certainly be a possibility. I know Sting. We know each other professionally but we have never worked together. I don't think we've ever been in the same territory or in the ring opposite each other. I just know him in passing from different territories so I don't know him too well. I think at this point in his career, it would be a good move for him if that's what that's going to be. Good for him. Just like the deal when Undertaker was at the UFC fight and Brock Lesnar walked by and they had that little exchange. My God, the next morning people were going crazy! And anybody with any damn sense knew well that Lesnar is under contract with UFC. Taker is under contract to WWE. Taker would have been great in that genre 20 years ago. I'm not saying Taker's old or anything, but that time is gone. He's still our phenom. He'll always be a phenom. There'll never be another. It's the greatest gimmick in the history of our business and there'll never be another."

Source: PWInsider.com

My Take: The man talks total sense. It would be a huge deal to have Undertaker face Sting at Wrestlemania 27. The issue is marketing it to those members of the WWE Universe who do not know of Sting or his legacy in the business.

Percy is dead right (no pun intended) when he says Undertaker is the only phenom in the history of the business.   


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