WWE Wrestlemania Rumour: Is Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross, About To Return ?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIFebruary 10, 2011

Wrestlemania is a time when rivalries come to an end.

Old scores are settled. Year-long storylines are concluded.

And one of the most interesting storylines, that has intensified in recent months, is that of Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. In the last year, their relationship has dramatically changed.

The heel turn of Cole, over a year ago, in response to Bret Hart's return, tapped into the genuine heat that existed against the 'voice of the WWE' after he replaced Jim Ross. Fans angry that their hero, JR, has been ditched, turned on his successor, Michael Cole, with the result that he has never found acceptance within the WWE universe.

It's hard to replace a legend, and if you can't do it, why fight it? Cole's heel turn carries with it genuine heat and so it allows him to play an even better villain.

By contrast, the sudden push of Memphis's second King has taken many by surprise and he stands on the brink of WWE glory at this year's Elimination Chamber. Seemingly taken from wrestling retirement, Lawler is headlining not only Raw but also, potentially, Pay Per Views.

He will not win, unfortunately. Another Cole intervention is likely.

And with that, comes the Wrestlemania showdown.

Michael Cole will get involved in some capacity at the Elimination Chamber. For him, the King is the same as Bret Hart a year ago. It's the same scenario. Factor in the Miz and the WWE Championship and it is extremely likely that if Lawler edges towards victory, Cole with Riley, will intervene.

If we accept a second intervention, then we must conclude that something major will happen at Wrestlemania and in its aftermath. Lawler having lost two title matches will seek vengeance. And the now face Raw General Manager might very well grant him his two wishes.

A Wrestlemania match. And Michael Cole.

Rumours coming out of the WWE have suggested that Michael Cole has been learning how to take a bump i.e. he's learning how to become a wrestler. His involvement in Raw dark matches as a referee is testament to this learning process.

Now a match between Cole and Lawler will hardly be a technical affair. But it will spell the end of the rivalry.

And so it leads to my theory.

Having two commentators in a match leaves a problem. Preparation time will mean that both Cole and Lawler will be absent from ringside for at least three matches (one before, the match itself and for the loser, the next match). The chances are the loser will not even reappear that night.

Enter Jim Ross. Wrestlemania is too important for three matches to be called by inexperienced and much criticised commentators, Matt Striker, Josh Matthews, and Todd Grisham. The Cole-Lawler match will hardly require much expertise, but the matches before and after will. Having Ross return will give these matches a proper Wrestlemania experience.

It would certainly be a popular move to bring back JR, even for one night but it does raise the question of what happens post-Wrestlemania. Lawler, who is certain to win such a match, will hardly wish to sit beside Cole at the Raw commentator's table.

Could Cole or Lawler be set for a switch to Smackdown?

I do not believe, unfortunately, that the legendary Jim Ross will return full time. But if the above scenario takes place, and Cole and Lawler lock horns at Wrestlemania, commentator changes will take place. And given how the current crop have been much criticised, is Vince McMahon about to make major changes to his team?

Might we even see the Game, Triple H, calling the action at ringside? After all that's how Vince McMahon started.