World Football: Top 25 Fan Chants

Stew FlatsCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2011

World Football: Top 25 Fan Chants

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    Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and what makes it stand out is not just the amount of fans who watch the games.  On top of the full stadiums the game is played in, the fans are renowned for their enthusiasm and noise.  Passionate supporters bedecked in the colors of their team yell support in noisy and vibrant fashion.

    Whether it be the lit-flares carrying Ultras, the fantastic "Humba" tradition of the Bundesliga or the English Premier League's fans who can alter between iconic historical chants and amusing off-the-cuff insults, world football can carry some of the greatest atmospheres in sports.

    Here, we pick out 25 of the best or funniest fan chants in world football and present them in no particular order.  Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section, include YouTube clips if possible.

    Enjoy the show.

Never Too Young for Red Flares

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    People often criticize intense crowds at American youth travel games for hindering the performance of young players.  Frankly, that is child's play compared to Poland, an overzealous dad in a lawn chair has nothing on this bunch.

    What makes the flags, scarves, flares and chants most entertaining is the age of the players on the field!

    The most amusing part comes at 1.15 when the young goal scores gives what is doubtless his first "ssshhh" gesture to thousands of grown men.  The crowd respond at 1.48 by breaking out the red flares and making the home goalkeeper seem like WWE wrestler Kane.

Let's All Do the Bouncy

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    "Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy na na na na na."

    They are not the most imaginative lyrics, but when sang by over 30,000 people jumping up and down in unison, the visual effect can be quite impressive.  This fact is demonstrated in the clip by Glasgow Rangers fans at the 2008 UEFA Cup Final.

Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

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    Soccer is the major passion in life of many in South America, and with this clip, it is not hard to see why.  The ticker tale and flags make for an astounding visual, while the noise is matched by few countries around the world.

    As if that didn't get players charged enough, you will also see in the video that the players emerge from a giant Energizer battery.

Seattle Sounders Fans

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    "American fans don't care about soccer," is a mantra that has been trotted out since the 1980s, without any acknowledgment of the world's fastest growing fanbase.

    The clip here demonstrates a typical home game for the Seattle Sounders MLS Franchise.  You will see from the video the noise, colors, scarves and flag waving that the Sounders generate an atmosphere reminiscent of many stadiums throughout Europe and South America.

    Scenes like this can be seen throughout the MLS with the Portland Timbers who have a lumberjack who saws a chunk off a tree with every goal, the Barra Brava of DC United or the passionate fanbase at FC Toronto.

Crystal Palace Fans Channel Whitney Houston

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    Fans of Crystal Palace of the English Championship took a liking to Alessandro N'Diaye and came up with a fantastic song to let him know.

    "N'Diayeeeeeeee will always love youuuuuu"

Knight Fever

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    Journeyman striker Leon Knight had a short but successful spell with Rushden and Diamonds in 2008.  Knight netted four goals in 12 games and inspired the following song from the Rushden support:

    "Knight Fever Knight Fever, he knows where the goal is."

    It is not known whether the crowd could quite reach the high octaves of the Bee Gees.


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    It is certainly not the most imaginative or unique chant, indeed it will be used by England, Manchester United, Inverness Caledonian Thistle and New York Red Bulls fans nowadays.

    Manchester United fans do have a unique chant to mark their admiration of star striker Wayne Rooney.

    "I saw my mate, the other day

    He said he saw "The White Pele"

    So I asked "who is he"

    He goes by the of Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney

    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney."

Sams Army

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    This song is becoming something of an anthem in American soccer.  It can be heard at national team games with variations heard throughout different MLS stadia.

    "We love ya, we love ya, we love ya

    And where you'll go we'll follow, we'll follow, we'll follow

    'Cos we support the US, the US, the US

    And that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it

    Woaaahh-oooohhhh, woaaah-ooooohhhhh"

Don't Cha

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    There are few times in life you would consider a hostile Everton crowd to have any similarity with an MTV generation American girl band.  However, it was the Pussycat Dolls who inspired the following tribute to their strike force in 2007:

    "Don't cha wish your striker was James Beattie, don''t you wish you had Ani-chebe, don't cha?"

Hollywood Hit

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    The sight and sound of 30,000 plus crowds singing in unison can raise the hairs on the back of your neck.  This clip shows the West Ham United fans belting out one of the English game's most iconic anthems.

    This song was also featured in the Hollywood movie "Green Street Hooligans," where Frodo Baggins surprisingly gave a good portrayal of an English Hooligan.

Liverpool Lookey-Likey

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    "You're just a fat Paris Hilton."

    Opposition fans share their opinion on the physical appearance of Liverpool striker Andriy Voronin.

That's Amore

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    Bobby Zamora had a good season in 2009-2010 for Fulham, but that was not typical of his career.  Indeed, Zamore had a reputation for somewhat questionable accuracy and heard the following tune at many road games:

    "When the ball ball hits your head

    And you're sat in Row Z

    That's Zamora"

Ander-Son Son Son

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    "Aga doo" as you will hear in the clip is one of the strangest songs of all time.  However, it has inspired football crowd chants, including this number my Manchester United fans:

    "Ander-son son son, he's better than Kleberson

    Ander-son son son, he's our midfield magician

    To the left, to the right, we'll dance the samba beat tonight

    He is class, our class midfield brass, and he dumps on Fabregas."


    This is also not far away from the question many bemused Liverpool fans have asked in recent seasons.  "What does Agger do do do?"

AC Milan Fans

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    I cannot quite work out what they are singing, but they certainly have everyone's attention!

Boro's Own Bon Jovi

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    Middlesbrough fans channeled Jon Bon Jovi in 2009 as they celebrated their fragile French striker:

    "Ooooooooh we're halfway there

    Wooooaaaah, Aliadiere

    Gets the ball, he'll score one I swear

    Ooooooooooooooooh Aliadiere"

Torres Song

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    While you can be assured this song will not be heard at Anfield again, it was fun while it lasted.  Spanish star striker Fernando Torres endeared himself to fans by stitching "You'll Never Walk Alone" into a captain's armband he wore, and inspired the following terrace anthem:

    "His armband proved he was a red Torres, Torres

    You'll never walk alone it said Torres, Torres

    We bought the lad from sunny Spain

    He gets the ball he scores again

    Fernando Torres, Liverpool's number nine

    Na na nar na nar na na na."

    Since his move to Chelsea, the song may now be:

    "The jersey says he is a blue Torres, Torres......"


    Any version from Liverpool fans could sound like the X-Rated Torres anthem Manchester United fans have sang for the last two years (google it).

The Incredible Hulk

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    FC Porto's Brazilian striker Hulk is one of the most brilliantly named players in World Football.  When he played at Arsenal in the Champions League, the Gunners fans made the following prediction:

    "Green in a minute, he's going green in a minute."

Theo Theo Walcott

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    Arsenal have developed a reputation for two things—playing beautiful football and playing it with foreigners.

    So when a young Theo Walcott emerged on the scene, excited Arsenal fans marked the occasion with the following song inspired by Sting:

    "Woooahhh Theo Walcott, Theo Theo Walcott

    He's an Englishman at Arsenal."

Blue Moon

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    Blue Moon is another iconic chant of the English game.  Here you see the Manchester City fans belting out 20 minutes after the game has ended, as they said goodbye to their old home of Maine Road.

    Famous Manchester City fan and World Champion boxer Ricky Hatton adopted this tune as his ring-walk music throughout his career, while also wearing the City logo on his shorts.

The Greasy Chip Butty Song

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    English Championship team Sheffield United have a fantastic anthem.  Inspired by John Denver, every game played by the Blades will at some point see the fans belting out the following:

    "They fill up my senses, like a gallon of Magnet

    Like a packet of woodbines, like a good pinch of snuff

    Like a night out in Sheffield, like a greasy chip butty

    Like Sheffield United, come thrill me again

    Na na nar na nar na, oooooo."

Santa Is Coming

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    It can seem like Christmas year round at Ewood Park where the following theme is sung:

    "You better tackle, and you better clear

    You better defend or you've reason to fear

    Santa Cruz is coming to town."

Biggest Fans

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    Lady Gaga was the inspiration for Liverpool fans last season as they serenaded their injury-prone Italian midfielder:

    "I'm your biggest fan

    I'll follow you until you love me

    Aqui, Aquilani."

You'll Never Walk Alone

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    A song imprinted on the hearts of all Liverpool fans; the video says it all.

Blame It on Traore

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    Some players leave a legacy of glory at a club, and some...well...don't.  Full-back Djimi Traore produced a highlight reel of ineptitude at Liverpool. 

    Whether it was the clip where he eliminated his own team from the FA Cup with a spinning back heel, or falling over himself as an opposing winger dribbled past, Traore was usually blamed by Liverpool fans for defeat.

    To the tune of the Jackson 5's "Blame it on the Boogie," they did it in amusing fashion.

    "Don't blame it on the Biscan

    Don't blame it on the Finnan

    Don't blame it on the Hammann

    Blame it on Traore

    He just can't, he just can't

    He just can't control his feel."

The H.U.M.B.A.

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    The Bundesliga is arguably the most fan-friendly league in the world and the home of this fantastic tradition known as the H.U.M.B.A.

    Players sit down in front of the chanting fans, before they rise to sing and dance in unison with the supporters.