WWE Superstar Of The Week, January 30th-February 5

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIFebruary 5, 2011


This past week of WWE programming gave us a blockbuster 40 Man Royal Rumble and a solid Raw and SmackDown. With that said there are two superstars that could become the Superstar of the Week. Obviously the first contender is Alberto Del Rio. The second is "The Rated "R" Superstar" Edge

Alberto Del Rio won the first ever 40 Man Royal Rumble Match by eliminating Santino Marella. Not the great ending I was expecting but nonetheless Alberto Del Rio has put his name in the WWE history books. Alberto also made appearances on Raw and Smackdown. On Raw Del Rio told the WWE Universe that he would be challenging Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio then attacked Edge and put him in the Cross Armbreaker submission. On SmackDown Del Rio held his Wrestlemania Fiesta where he destroyed Hornswoggle. Kofi Kingston eventually came to his aid but Alberto took care of him as well. Kofi met the Cross Armbreaker just like edge did on Raw. Alberto Del Rio has everything going for him as we start the Road to Wrestlemania.

Like Alberto, Edge has been winning as well. Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble, thanks to the "illegal" spear. Edge retained his championship, and also defeated The Miz on Raw the next day. On Smackdown, Edge and Kelly Kelly faced Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. If Edge or Kelly lost the match then Dolph Ziggler would be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion. Even with the odds stacked against them Edge and Kelly pulled out the victory.

These two superstars have been on fire this week. However, only one can be my Superstar of the Week. Alberto has the Royal Rumble and attacks against Edge and Kofi on his side. However, Edge defended his championship at the Royal Rumble and on Smackdown, and Edge also defeated the WWE Champion The Miz. It is for these reasons that Edge is my Superstar of the Week.

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