Yankee Stadium: The End Of An Era

JerseySenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2008

I don't need to go into too much detail here. We all know how important Yankee Stadium is, was, and always will be to Major League Baseball. I don't need to write paragraph after paragraph about the great players and teams who called it their home. I don't need to write about some of baseball's greatest moments, World Series heroics, and unbelievable plays. I don't need to write about aura and mystique, the All-Star Game, or Derek Jeter's newly-established and never-to-be-broken record for career hits at the Stadium.

This all goes without saying. Yankee Stadium is the greatest sports arena of all time, and while the new Stadium will bear its name and exact dimensions, it just won't be the same. There are many other great stadiums in sports, to be sure, but they all pale in comparison to this, the holiest cathedral in sports.

Today, the Yankees will play their final game there. Appropriately, longtime Yankee (across two stints) Andy Pettitte will be the starting pitcher, not some bandage on this broken rotation. Joe Girardi has openly admitted that he intends to use Mariano Rivera in the ninth, save situation or not. And despite getting shelled in the hand last night, you can bet Captain Derek Jeter will be on the field.

Bernie Williams will be in attendance for the first time since his sort-of-retirement, as will many other Yankee greats, and the families of deceased legends. Unfortunately, Bob Sheppard will not be able to attend due to his continuing health problems. George Steinbrenner will also inexplicably not be in attendance.

And so, a monument will disappear. There has been talk that it will be torn down, although a petition has been circulating to protest this. It truly is a shame that this season has been a disaster. Hopefully, we can defeat the lowly Orioles to go out on a semi-high note.

Good bye, Yankee Stadium. At least I can tell my grandkids about you.

(Incidentally, has anyone noticed that the Mets are moving too?)