Washington Redskins: Donovan McNabb Goes from Franchise to Home Fries in D.C.

Joe TroncaleContributor IFebruary 4, 2011

Where's my QB?
Where's my QB?Win McNamee/Getty Images

Even though Andy Reid defended Donovan McNabb during his time in Philly more than say, left-footed All-Pro kickers, today McNabb finds himself wishing he had merely missed a field goal here or there for Andy. He would be glad to be criticized in Philly. At least he would get noticed by someone. He did manage to get more interceptions than TD passes, so that is something, at least.

Now that 2011 has rolled around, Philly is talking about Vic's next deal and Kolb's next trade. Washington is talking about the Nats or Obama or something.

Never has a former franchise quarterback been so ignored in Washington, except maybe Joe Theismann after it was clear he could not rehab his leg.

First, Donovan couldn't run the two-minute drill, then he was out of shape, then...nothing. Just the test screen on channel 79. I guess commentary on ESPN or reading the Declaration of Independence is next. Maybe that will give him some needed face time.

But there is one thing that is certain: an uncertain future. Not just for Donovan, but for the Redskins.

Mike Shanahan, who almost certainly has few options, is opting to keep things uncertain.