Best WWE/F Promos in History Part 1

Christy BarberContributor IIFebruary 5, 2011

Best WWE/F Promos in History Part 1

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    Ah, the art of a wrestling promo. It can determine whether or not you're good enough for the main event or the mid card. Many great WWE/F legends and wrestlers captivated us with their speaking ability. They made us laugh, chant out of our minds, boo, and go in a frenzy.

    Some have had the pleasure of seeing Superstar Billy Graham revolutionize how a promo is supposed to be conducted. Others listened intensively as Hogan told them to eat their vitamins and say their prayers. A good majority, like me, witnessed The Rock and Stone Cold rip into their opponents on a weekly basis.

    Ladies and gentlemen these are the greatest promos in WWE/F history. Please enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Steve Austin's ECW Shoot On WCW

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    I know that this isn't the WWE/F but this promo really is special. Here was a very frustrated Steve Austin who was evidently misused in WCW, ranting about Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He said that WCW treated the wrestler with the greatest potential like crap.

    This was 1995, a year before Steve Austin uttered that famous "Austin 3:16" promo at The King of the Ring PPV. The last minute of this shoot is really chilling to listen to because Austin delivered on every promise and became the guy that not only saved the WWF from going bankrupt against WCW, but he became the greatest superstar of all time.

    I bet Eric Bischoff is still kicking himself in the leg over this.

The Rock Lays the Smackdown On Toronto

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    After The Rock returned from Hollywood in 2003, he became a heel. The choice was because of the his apparent distaste with the fans booing him over him making movies and spending less time in the ring.

    After beating Hulk Hogan at No Way Out 2003, The Rock returned to the very place where the people turned on the people's champion. The Rock was pissed that at WM 18, "68,000 mothercanuckers" booed The Rock and cheered for Hogan.

    The Rock didn't forget and he ripped these Toronto fans a new one that night. Who can forget the classic opening line, "Finally The Rock has come back to run his mouth on all your candy asses."

Stone Cold On Bret Hart Quitting Raw

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    This was Steve Austin at his best promo wise.

    The Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin feud was intense. Austin was extremely pissed to know that Hart quit Monday Night Raw. Austin pretty much called Hart a coward and told him that the only man he could beat was his wrinkled up old father. Austin told Hart that he had nothing to be crying about because he himself had been screwed over for seven years.

    Amazing how Austin most likely improvised this entire promo.

Hulk Hogan Interview at WrestleMania 4

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    At WrestleMania 4, Hulk Hogan possibly gave his best promo. Here was Hogan, who was still feuding with Andre The Giant, letting everyone know that he was ready for Andre.

    Hogan came off so intense and energized and made sure that all his Hulkamaniacs knew that he was ready to take on the challenge of Andre The Giant.

Chris Jericho's Debut Promo in the WWF

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    On Aug. 9, 1999, Chis Jericho made his debut in the WWF.

    He famously cut off The Rock mid promo and went on about how he was the savior of the WWF. He was there to save the WWF from the snooze-fest that it had become. It had become boring and he was there to save it.

    The funny thing is that Jericho probably predicted the future as the WWE became the very thing that he said it was back in 1999.

JBL's Great American Bash 2004 Promo

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    In 2004, JBL went from a fun-loving member of the APA to WWE Champion.

    JBL began his 10-month reign of dominance with this promo right here at The Great American Bash. JBL guaranteed not only victory but a dominating victory. JBL was sure that he was going to become WWE Champion and he did.

    This promo in my opinion proved to people that JBL was the real deal in terms of main eventing.

Paul Heyman Shoots On Vince

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    In yet another classic shoot promo by Paul Heyman, Heyman rips Vince McMahon. This promo took place before Survivor Series.

    Heyman was dissing Vince as a has-been with no new ideas to save a sinking WWF. Heyman called out Vince for having guys kiss his ass and for being a pompous ass. Heyman called out Vince for using Hogan and Hart for his own guilty pleasures. He used Hogan to build Titan Towers, stole Hart's dream for an airplane, stole HBK's smile to become a billionaire, and got rich off of his father's hard wok.

    Vince went behind his father's back and drove every promoter into the ground. Vince of all things stole ECW's edgy concept and turned it into "attitude." Heyman even went as far as to say that Vince flaunted his affairs in front of his wife. Vince turned his father's idea of  wrestling into sports entertainment.

    The sad thing is that everything said by Heyman was true.

Joey Style's WWE Shoot

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    Joey Styles clearly couldn't take the duties of being a "sports entertainment" commentator.

    He was pissed of being told what to say during a match. He was tired of having to call wrestlers "superstars" and storytell sports entertainment. He was sick and tired of having to ignore wrestling holds by wrestlers who worked their asses off for 300 days a year to storytell.

Classic Superstar Billy Graham Interview

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    The man that revolutionized the art of a wrestling promo. This classic promo lay the ground work for all heel promos to come.

For Your Enjoyment: JBL Owns Michael Cole

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    With Michael Cole becoming the most aggravating man in all of sports entertainment, I present to you: John Bradshaw Layfield owning Michael Cole.

    I hope you enjoyed the promos that I selected for part one and please leave me suggestions for part two.