You Can Bet on It...Week Three Picks Against The Spread

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2008

Welcome to Week Three my friends.  It's time where we find out who the real teams are.  You start to learn stuff about certain players.

For example

  • The Minnesota Vikings shouldn't include a pass play in their playbook.
  • Aaron Rodgers is still, in my mind, unproven.
  • The Chicago Bears are a lot better than we all thought.
  • The Oakland Raiders are a LOT worse than we thought.

What happened last week and how am I doing on the season?

Last Week: 8-7

Season: 16-14

So now, it's time to worry about what is going to happen in Week Three.

Kansas City at Atlanta- Atlanta by 6- Bet on Atlanta

The Chiefs aren't that good, and Matt Ryan can play well against a bad defense.  You saw how he looked against the Lions, well, expect more of the same from the Falcons offense.

Oakland at Buffalo- Buffalo by 9.5- Bet on Buffalo

I think that the Bills are about as good as Denver, which means bad things are in the future for the Raiders.  This one could easily get ugly quick.

Houston at Tennessee- Tennessee by 4.5- Bet on Tennessee

I love Chris Johnson more than I love any other rookie this season, and I think he is going to have a big game.  Maybe I'm biased by the whole him being a starter on my fantasy thing though.

Cincinnati at New York Giants- New York Giants by 13- Bet on New York Giants

I think this line could be 30 and I might still take the Giants in this game.  The Bengals are horrible on offense and even worse on defense.

Arizona at Washington- Washington by 3- Bet on Arizona

I think that if Kurt Warner can be as good as he has been, the Redskins don't stand a chance.  However, if the Redskins play like they did last week, who knows what is going to happen.

New England at Miami- New England by 12.5- Bet on Miami

Do I think the Dolphins will win?  No.  Do I think that the Dolphins stand a chance?  No.  What will the score be?  I predict 20-10.

Tampa Bay at Chicago- Chicago by 3- Bet on Chicago

I really like what the Bears are doing.  Matt Forte has been outstanding, as long as Kyle Orton can avoid the bone-head non-mistakes, the Bears should take this one.

Carolina at Minnesota- Minnesota by 3- Bet on Carolina

How much faith do these people have in Gus Ferotte?  The man is barely a better passer than Tarvaris Jackson and doesn't have nearly the legs.  I expect the Panthers to win without the last minute touchdowns needed in the last two games.

St. Louis at Seattle- Seattle by 9- Bet on Seattle

Even though Seattle doesn't have a healthy wide receiver, Julius Jones has been a quiet surprise and I think him alone on offense could be the Rams by nine.

Detroit at San Fransisco- San Fransisco by 4.5- Bet on San Fransisco

Sure, the 49ers aren't that great, but if I know of at least five high school teams that can beat the opposing team, you are in good shape.

New Orleans at Denver- Denver by 5.5- Bet on Denver

Where did this Denver team come from?  Sure they should be 1-1, but they are 2-0, and they are my pick to win this game by a touchdown.

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia- Philadelphia by 3.5- Bet on Philadelphia

I am not looking forward to the day that I have to face Donovan McNabb since I traded him on my fantasy team.  The Eagles are the shocking team of the year and are loudly making a case for being an NFC favorite by embarrassing one team and refusing to give up to another.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis- Indianapolis by 4.5- Bet on Indianapolis

I still don't believe that this Jaguars team is for real until they win, the Colts are starting to get their feet on the ground, and they should take advantage of this demoralized team.

Cleveland at Baltimore- Baltimore by 2.5- Bet on Cleveland

Wait...the Ravens barely beat the horrible Bengals, and they face a team that lost to two of the best teams in the NFL, and the Ravens are favored?  How much can I bet on this game?

Dallas at Green Bay- Dallas by 3- Bet on Dallas

Aaron Rodgers looked average against an 0-2 Vikings team then looked really good against an 0-2 Lions team.  He is yet to face a top secondary until this week.  We all remember what happened to Derek Anderson.

New York Jets at San Diego- San Diego by 8.5- Bet on San Diego

Neither of these teams are as good as we thought, but the Chargers are a lot closer to expected than the Jets are.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a basketball fan's site.


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