Philadelphia Eagles, Are You For Real?

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2008

After this past Monday night, many people are saying the Eagles are now definitely for real. Not so fast...

1. They still lost the game. Sure, they played a hell of a game on offense, but they lost. The better teams win those games. They had their shot to win it, but they fumbled the ball and crumbled under pressure. That game was in their hands, and they lost.

2. They played St. Louis, and Dallas. St. Louis is terrible, so that's self explanatory. But, don't forget that Dallas is a division rival. Even if the Eagles were 0-15, they would still give the Cowboys a good game because it's a rivalry.

If they can beat Pittsburgh tomorrow, then I will be confident in this Eagles team. But until then, they aren't a top five team in the NFL.

Anyway, what about the players on the team? Who's for real, who isn't?

Donovan McNabb-He's for real, but I hesitate to say that. I have always been a fan of McNabb, but I've gotten tired of him, and I am losing faith. But who can look at his first two games and say it's not really him. Sure, he could always get hurt, but until then, he's for real.

DeSean Jackson-He's for real, and I don't hesitate to say that. In my Eagles preview, I stated that I had high hopes for this rookie, and he's proving me right. Sure, he dropped the ball at the goal line, taking away his first touchdown, but he's achieved 100 yards in each of his first two games. He's a deep threat, and can take the ball back on a punt at any time.

Greg Lewis-He's not for real. Not at all. He might be able to have one more good game, but he's not that type of receiver. He isn't consistent, and isn't reliable. He's had 8 receptions for 140 yards so far, but the fact that wasn't even targeted in the end zone tells that Donovan doesn't really rely too much on Lewis.

Quintin Mikell-He's for real. Mikell leads the team in tackles, and has a sack along with a forced fumble. He's off to a good start, and if you mix that with his special teams skills, you get a reliable player. He isn't an explosive and exciting player, but he usually doesn't break down and doesn't let you down.

Stewart Bradley-He's for real. I look at Bradley, and I see a great up and coming linebacker. He has played well ever since he first started late last season. He's giving this Eagles team solid line backing play, contributing with tackles, sacks, and good pass coverage.

But that's it. Those are the only Eagles players who have gotten off to surprising or great starts.

Westbrook has had a decent start, but he could do better. The same goes for L.J. Smith (who dropped pivotal passes), Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard, Trent Cole, and Brian Dawkins.

All in all, before you go and say this Eagles team is definitely for real, you should wait for them to beat a good team who isn't a division rival. I'm not saying they aren't for real, but let's see them actually beat a solid team before we start thinking big with this team.

Note: Time got away from me, and I didn't have time until today to write an article, and I thought about doing my weekly predictions, but it's too late to do an article. So I'm just going to post them on my profile.