Rutgers QB Teel Swings at Own Player

Adam HelfgottCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

Down 23-21 with under two minutes to play in Rutgers game at NAVY, RU senior QB Mike Teel was picked off by linebacker Ross Pospisil with 1:34 remaining sealing the victory for the Midshipmen.

Teel put his head down and slowly jogged to the Rutgers sideline where senior defensive back Glen Lee greeted him with words of encouragement and family to hustle off the field and pick his head up.

Instead Teel let his emotions grab a hold of him and he decided to swing at Lee. CBS CSN TV's caught the incident right after the pick. It looked like one of the only times Teel connected with any of his players on the day.

After the game Head Coach Greg Schiano said it was a family issue and he had already taken care of the situation. Wide receiver Tiquan Underwood said after the game that his teammates have good chemistry and that things like "this" sometimes happen.

Teel immediately apologized after the game to reporters saying his anger and frustration got the best of him.

Teel went 13/20 on the day for 131 yards and one interception but failed to have a touchdown. This year teal has now thrown six interceptions and only one touchdown on the season.

It appears as if this team has many issues now heading into their next game vs. FCS Morgan State next Saturday.

Leadership, heart, dedication, focus, and intensity are all lacking from the Scarlet Knights this season. Starting 0-3 is something no one in the state of New Jersey could have seen coming.

Now the question becomes, what to do about Teel?

Easy asnwer. You have to bench him for at least one game for his actions on the field.

No one should ever take a swing at another player on the field. Schiano said it himself, these issues are within the family. When the family is displaying their frustration to the nation on TV you have to be careful of your appearance.

Teel knows better than to do a foolish thing like he did. Yes he apologized, but it doesn't make up for his decisions during the game and at the end of the game either.

Teel has struggled all season and now he clearly has shown he is having problems with his play. To go after a teammate who was trying to motivate him and help him pick his head up in inexcusable.

Mike Teel must sit against Rutgers next game against Morgan State. If Greg Schiano cannot do that then it shows he has lost all control of his team.

All fans can see it, Mike Teel has played down to the level of a freshman this season. Checking off too soon and picking out his target early enough for the defense to realize.

Now is the time for a switch. Teel is screwing up with his play and now his actions. Time for Mike to get a view from the sidelines.

A piece of advice though Coach, do not make Jabu Lovelace your game day starter. Give your other QB's like Domenic Natale and D.C. Jefferson a shot. Lovelace has shown he cannot throw, so let your other QB's get some snaps.