All That Remains: Top Remaining QB Commits to Florida, Mom Disappointed

Matt SmithContributor IIIFebruary 4, 2011

UPDATE: Jacoby Brissett has chosen the University of Florida to play College Football at. He announced this to his high school before his basketball game.

Why though? Brissett threw 32 TDs to 1 INT his senior season. However, Florida already is stacked with QBs. The Dwyer star will be stuck behind John Brantley (Senior) and the top QB recruit in the nation Jeff Driskel (Freshman). If Driskel redshirts, Brissett has almost no chance of starting. If he doesn't then Brissett can redshirt and hopefully play his senior season.

His Mom announced that she wanted him to attend Miami, as she probably knows the QB situations in comparison between Miami, who is struggling with QBs, and Florida, who has unimaginable depth.

He was also considering Wisconsin and Washington. Wisconsin would have been ideal as he liked the coaches and the program, but it was likely the fact that it was far from home that kept him from going there. Wisconsin just lost their starting QB to the NFL.

If he wanted to, Brissett could still change his mind as he has not signed his letter of intention.

Original Article:

While most people made their decisions known on something called National Signing Day (what could that be about?), Jacoby Brissett decided to wait until Friday before his basketball game to let people know what he was thinking. Currently, he is down to Wisconsin and Miami according to his ESPN profile.

Depending on who you ask, Brissett is one of the top QBs in the nation. He is certainly the top remaining QB, because he wasn't sure on signing day where he wanted to go for sure. Rivals has him as the #9 QB while ESPN has him as the 25th ranked QB.

According to his high school coach, Brissett liked the Wisconsin coaches more. He also said that the distance from Florida to Wisconsin would be a little tough to stomach.

However, reports have surfaced that Brissett will be attending the University of Florida come next fall. Not only does this conflict with his ESPN profile, it doesn't make sense. That didn't stop the Palm Beach Post from reporting that he was going to send a letter of intention to the Gators.

Why would he attend a school in which he will most likely not to start? In fact, he may never start for the Gators. The Gators reeled in the top QB recruit of this years class. Number 1 ranked QB Jeff Driskel is expected to fight for the starting job this year. Also, the Gators have current starter John Brantley in the mix.

If Driskel doesn't win starting duties, he may redshirt. That would mean that even if Jacoby Brissett redshirts and goes to Florida, he may never get to start. Does that make any sense at all for someone who might win over the starting duties as a true Freshman at Wisconsin or a redshirt Freshman at Miami?

The reports were also confirmed by another source, Gainesville Sun. While the sources say one thing, all other hints say another.