Ny Mets Collapse?

Matt AmlingContributor ISeptember 20, 2008

Well to start off, we have all heard the many people out there bashing the Mets saying how they are in the middle of another collapse. The problem with that is that one the Mets never had a commanding lead in the NL East to be considering collapsing right now. Second, the Mets lackadasical play only lasted a couple of games in Washington against the Nationals. The Mets like they have done all year came back and responded with two straight wins against the Nationals, and a win in the opening game of the series against Atlanta. Although the Mets are only a half game up I feel very confident in saying that the Mets will win the division, do i think it will be easy, no but i feel that Mets have what it takes to beat out the Phillies for the Division. With the resurgance of Carlos Delgado and the uprising of super rookie Daniel Murphy, the Mets seem to be getting hot at the right time of the season. Now dont get me wrong the bullpen situation is a problem, but lately the bullpen has seemed to get the job done, wether it was Joe Smith, Pedro Feliciano, or interem closer, Luis Ayala.