What It Means To Me to Be a Philadelphia Sports Fan

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2008

If you aren't a Philadelphia sports fan, you don't know what it means to be one.

It's like one of those jobs that you hate, and want to quit, but can't do it because you are expecting something positive to come sometime.

Every year, we get our hopes up, and it all crashes. We haven't won a championship in 9244 days. The Eagles are yet to win a single Super Bowl, the Flyers haven't won the Stanley Cup in 12158 days, the Phillies haven't won a World Series in 10196 days, and the Sixers haven't won a championship in 9244 days (last team to win one).

We have been in agony for the past 25 years. We just passed our 100th straight season of losing. It hurts to be a Philadelphia sports fan.

Sure, Cleveland has waited since 1964, but they have three teams, and aren't as into their teams as we are. Plus, we've faced the worst defeats you can think of.

We have been in those championship games, but we keep losing. We lost three NFC Championships in a row, and when we won, we lost the Super Bowl. We have had a very competitive Flyers team for most of these 25 years, but they can never win. The Phillies didn't make the playoffs from 1994-2006. And the Sixers just didn't do much at all these past 25 years.

It's hard to deal with this all the time.

There's even a website dedicated to making fun of Philadelphia sports called phillysucks.com.

But right now, I don't care what happened last season.

Sure, all of those moments hurt, but after a few months you forget. You move on. And it builds to the pot. It makes that next win so much more meaningful.

Would I have loved to see the Phillies win the World Series last year? Sure. But right now, I don't care if they did or not. It just makes that next win mean so much more.

You may think that makes no sense, and you are right. It doesn't make sense at all. It only makes sense in the mind of a Philadelphia sports fan, which is the most complicated mind in all of sports.

Also, all of these losses just creates a different attitude here. You have to hate every opposing team, you have to learn how to boo, you need to learn that a championship is the only goal (even if we never do win). It's just an attitude, our attitude.

We pelted Santa Claus with snowballs, but for good reason. We boo when one of our players, even a star, plays terrible, but for good reason. We get thrown out of tons of games, but for good reason. Everything we do is for a good reason.

Now, I have only been alive and a knowledgeable fan to remember the Flyers' 1997 loss to the Red Wings in the Cup Finals. But, it still hurts to see every single heart breaking defeat before that, and that is exactly what I mean in this article. If you are a true Philadelphia sports fan, you don't need to be alive to experience the heartbreak. You inherit it. It just happens.

To sum this up, being a Philadelphia sports fan isn't easy. But we do it. Why? We don't know. But we do it.

And that's what being a Philadelphia sports fan really means.