10 People Who TNA Should Push

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 14, 2011

10 People Who TNA Should Push

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    I've seen a couple of good slideshows on who the WWE should push, and chose to make one about TNA.

    TNA has a good roster, but not everyone can get TV time. Not everyone can get a decent push. 

    Over the past few weeks, we have watched TNA recycle the same matches. Hardy and Anderson, Hardy and RVD, Devon and Ray. With that, there are winners and losers. Some get a push, some do not.

    So I created a slideshow of the top 10 people in TNA who deserve a push. Knockouts included.

Brian Kendrick

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    Can anyone take this guy serious anymore? If the answer is no, I'm not surprised.

    He wasn't viewed as a challenge when he was number-one contender to Douglas Williams' X-Division title at the time. Just one week he chokes out the champ and we got a PPV match between the two.

    When did Kendrick even start to choke people out? Since when is he a submission expert? 

    Wait it gets worse.

    Now he is some sort of guru. Yeah. Great gimmick TNA. Sonjay Dutt had it and it didn't help. Brian Kendrick now has it and it isn't helping.

    Last Thursday it was Robbie E. vs. Suicide vs. Brian Kendrick. 

    Want to know what Kendrick did? Meditate in the ring. Just sat there in his weird bathrobe, hood up and did nothing.

    Then out of no where he launches an offensive onslaught on Robbie E. Only for a few seconds before Robbie kicks his ass.

    Kendrick has become a joke because of stupid gimmicks.

    His best moments were in WWE with Paul London as a tag team partner. After that it all went down hill.

    He became "The Brian Kendrick," had a weird dance and weird jacket. He was in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE. Remember the Scramble match? He was the only one in it who never got a pin during the match.

    At least the "The Brian Kendrick" gimmick is better than what he's doing in TNA.

    This guy has talent! So please TNA, drop his gimmick and try to let him be normal. Like when he was teaming with London. 

Sarita & Rosita

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    These two lovely, sexy women deserve a push. 

    Sarita has been in TNA for a while now and with her in-ring skills, I'm surprised she isn't or never was Knockout Champion.

    I believe that they'll get pushed eventually. They are "cousins" and can challenge for the Knockout Tag Team Titles. They're a better match than Angelina and Winter.

    We saw these two show-off some of their chemistry and team work together on Thursday's iMPACT! Both girls are really talented and hot, so TNA, give them the Knockout belts!

    They can easily own the Knockout Tag Team Championships and stop anyone that gets between them (I volunteer to get between them).

Ink Inc. Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore

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    Lewd, screwed and tattooed. That's Ink Inc.

    These guys haven't been tag team Champions in awhile, and never had those titles around their waists.

    They are a cool, sort of new tag team. They have been teaming up for about a year now. They are a fan favorite and can really deliver in matches.

    I have a small feeling that they might get the push they deserve, because of their video package from Thursday's iMPACT!

    I know one thing; it is either going to be Ink Inc or Generation Me challenging Beer Money for the Tag Team Titles.

    For more details and reasons why Ink Inc deserves a push read my article:



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    "The Mag Daddy" Magnus.

    At 24 years old, Magnus may be the youngest guy on the TNA roster. Most of the time it's good to build up young stars. So TNA should start.

    We haven't seen much of Magnus since his former tag team partner, Douglas Williams, was fighting Fortune. It was a one night return of the British Invasion.

    Magnus is currently, or was, teaming up with Desmond Wolfe in the team of London Brawling. As soon as London Brawling made it onto TNA, Wolfe got injured and put the team on hold. Chelsea was fired from TNA.

    With Wolfe out maybe Magnus could shine. Both guys should be in singles competition anyways. I can see Magnus as the TNA TV Champion. He just has the look of a champion.

    Only 24 years old; TNA can pull the trigger now and get Magnus established or since he is only 24 TNA can wait. Either way I see Magnus as a future champion, it's only a matter of time.

Eric Young

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    EY, Eric Young is a great addition to any company. Heel or face. 

    The special thing about EY is his ability to go from heel to face or face to heel. He can get the crowd leaning one way then go in a complete different direction. 

    The fans at the iMPACT! Zone love EY. He gets over with the fans as a face. But as a face he isn't really a credible contender. That's where heel EY comes in.

    Remember when Eric just started the World Elite? Remember when he won the Legends title? Remember how much heat he can get from fans? He was a great heel. They hated him.

    Then in a couple of weeks EY can get the fans to love him again. How?

    He is mostly a comedy act with Orlando Jordan in TNA. But another heel turn and TV Title reign would be nice. 

    He deserves another reign as TV Champion. Face or heel. He is good at it. 

Jay Lethal

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    It's only a matter of time before Jay brings home the big belt.

    He's in-ring skills are great and he can put on a good match with just about anybody in the business. He is a six time X-Division Champion.

    After his feud with Fortune things seemed to be looking up for Jay Lethal. He beat AJ Styles, Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe and Ric Flair over the summer. He was a thorn in Fortune's side for too long.

    So Fortune went and recruited the X-Division Champion at the time, Douglas Williams. Williams attacked Lethal and the two had a match for Williams' belt.

    Lethal won and now seems to be stuck in the mid-card.

    After his feud with Fortune I was sure Jay would challenge for the TV Title, but no. Back to the X-Division. Losing to Robbie E. and Kazarian. 

    The feud with Fortune was Lethal's big break, but TNA missed it. The question now is, when is Lethal's next big break?

    He should be above the X-Division by now. At least in the TV Title picture. We'll see when Abyss gets back.

    For more details and reasons read my article:


Matt Morgan

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    I honestly thought that "The Blueprint" was going to win the TNA World Title when he was feuding with Jeff Hardy for it. I thought Morgan would win and bring back the real TNA World Championship belt.

    Matt Morgan has been in the wrestling business since 2002 and has yet to win a singles title. He won a tag team title, twice but no singles belts.

    Morgan's face turn and leaving Immortal/Fortune was the best thing that happened to him. After that he got to face Jeff Hardy for the World Title twice.

    This man is seven feet tall and quick for a big man. 

    Another guy that is just waiting for his time to shine.

    His feud with Hernandez will take him out of the World Title picture for quite some time. Maybe Hernandez will injure Morgan. 

    However, I don't see "The DNA of TNA" getting any more World Title shots for the rest of 2011.

Desmond Wolfe

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    Wolfe made a huge impact in his TNA debut. He chose to attack Kurt Angle, thus starting a great feud with him.

    After their feud Wolfe didn't really go anywhere. He was chosen by Ric Flair to join Fortune. Fortune lost the Lethal Lockdown match to Team Hogan.

    Several weeks later, TNA introduced their ranking system. Desmond Wolfe was ranked number one and was granted a World Title shot against RVD. 

    After Wolfe lost he continued to be a part of Fortune. Wolfe was kicked out of the group after being unable to beat Jay Lethal.

    Since then Wolfe has been off iMPACT! and teaming with Magnus in London Brawling. He is currently out with an injury and doesn't know when he'll be back.

    Desmond is extremely talented and good in the ring. If he ever comes back TNA should give him a main event spot. Not tag teaming.

    Wolfe is a singles wrestler and a damn good one. I can't wait until he gets back.

Honorable Mention

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    Honorable Mention

    AJ Styles—He has been wasting time chasing the TV Title and watching Immortal take over. Now he stood up and is ready to fight. He is most likely going to be riding a huge push into Bound For Glory this year.

    Crimson—I wanted to add Crimson, but haven't seen him in any matches. His match with JJ was too short and he hasn't had a match since. But hanging out with Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner might prove to be a good move for this TNA rookie.

    Chris Sabin—With Shelley out due to injury, it'll be a smart move to add Sabin into the X-Division title hunt. In the early days of TNA he used to own the X-Division. He was bad-ass. Now TNA can remake that magic. Imagine Sabin vs. Kazarian or Sabin vs. Lethal. Sabin is an amazing athlete and TNA should take advantage of his singles skills with Shelley out.

    Samoa Joe—A decent push might be coming Joe's way if he keeps beating The Pope. However it won't be a World Title push. Maybe a nice reign as TV Champion.

    The Pope - This guy has "it." He is the total package. He is good on the mic and good in the ring. His biggest match in TNA was at Lockdown 2010. The Pope vs. AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He lost and since been mixed in with some bad and/or weird storylines. He teamed with Sting and Kevin Nash for a while, now he's tied up with TNA's Green Hornet crew, Samoa Joe and Kato. All I ask of TNA is to see The Pope. The Pope that was getting World Title shots and main eventing PPVs. Pope deserves better. Pope deserves a championship belt.

    Hernandez - Put on this slideshow by popular demand, Hernandez. Honestly, I just forgot to add Hernandez to the list. He has been with TNA since I can remember. He has a strong fan base and all the abilities to win a World title. He has the agility, charisma, look and strength to win a World title.