NFL Week 3 Picks

JB McCandlesCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

Let's cut right to the chase and pick the 1 o'clock games.

Matt Ryan leads the charge. He will build some confidence against this weak KC secondary.

Trent Edwards stays hot and the Bills will continue to open eyes across the National Football League.

Tampa Bay-Chicago
Da Bears continue to play well. They had a tough first two games, but they have a little break this week against Tampa. The Bears win in a blow out.

The Panthers stay hot and the Vikings continue to struggle. The Vikings won't get great play from Ferott and without Peterson they will struggle.

Miami-New England
New England
In a blow out the Patriots will run the ball down the throat of Joey Porter and it should keep his mouth shut for quiet some time now.

I know what you're thinking: What? Is this guy crazy? Well actually I am and the Bengals lead by Palmer and Ocho Cinco win this won in a needed win.

Houston- Tennessee
Tennesse's problems with Vince Young didn't affect the team last week, but I think it gets to them and the Texans pick up the 'w' fresh off a fake bye.

Arizona will continue to surprise with the Boldin and the rebirth of Warner. Washington's Portis will have a tough time due to the lack of a solid pass attack.

4:00 o'clock games

Detroit will pick up the win because of their defense. The Lions defense had a little hype coming into the season and they finally decide to show up along the bay this weekend.

St. Louis clearly in a rebuilding year and it will show against Seattle. Matt Hasselbeck will throw for 300 yards in this game.

New Orleans-Denver
Denver may have stole won last week, but I still feel that they deserved to win the game regardless of the call. Jay Cutler makes a case for best QB from his draft class and New Orleans struggles to find their identity.

Philly feeling great about last weeks performance despite the loss. Pittsburgh despite the solid play will struggle to keep pace with the Philly offense. Philly will take the crown for the battle of Penn.

Jacksonville runs all over Indy. Indy will miss Bob Sanders greatly and it will show. The Colts can't handle all of the injuries and Jacksonville will continue its solid play. The Colts true depth is beginning to show (Lets just say that this would never happen to a New England team that has shown its depth in the past due to injuries)

Cleveland will out due the dominating Baltimore defense in a very low scoring affair. This one could be decided by a safety.

Sunday Night Game of the Week

Dallas-Green Bay
Dallas coming off a huge win last week against Philly will struggle this week against Green Bay. It should be a very high scoring affair, but the Packers have some unfinished business from last year.

Monday Night Football, ESPN

San Diego hands it to the Jets after a disappointing 0-2 start to the season. They Chargers are also going to take out their anger with the officiating from last week on the Jets.