Who is 0-2 and going to be 0-3?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2008

There are ten teams right now with an 0-2 record. Three of them won playoff games. Now some of them are going home winners and others losers. The question is which ones?

Lets start with:

0-2 Miami Dolphins vs. 2-0 New England Patriots. The Patriots have probably the best offensive line in the league even if Tom Brady was knocked out of the season. The Patriots also have the weakest division on God's green earth. The Dolphins are looking so bad and so disorganized that I think that an okay college team could beat them easily, Jake Long or no Jake Long. I think the Dolphins will have a top 5 pick for the next draft. 0-3 for the Dolphins.

0-2 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. 1-1 Indianapolis Colts. These teams both have battered offensive lines. Both have excellent runningbacks. Both have playoff experience. Both have defensive lines to fear. What they do not equal in is the quarterback position. Peyton Manning could retire right now and in 5 years (minimum requirement of waiting before eligible) will have a bust in Canton. It’s as simple as that. While David Garrard has already thrown the same amount of interceptions that he had last year in two weeks (3). Garrard is a quarterback in trouble and his main predator will be DE Dwight Freeney. Manning also has three elite receivers in Tony Gonzalez, Reggie Wayne, and the one, the only, Marvin Harrison! I'm sorry, but Peyton Manning is getting healthier so he will improve. It will be close, but the Colts will pull it out. 0-3 for the Jaguars. 

0-2 Cleveland Browns vs. 1-0 Baltimore Ravens. These two teams, if combined, make the perfect team in a sense. Take Baltimore's defense (easily in the top 3 at this time) and combine Cleveland's ultra offense (assume all are healthy) and you have the Super Bowl team, in my opinion. That is the battle ladies and gentlemen. The Ravens have an offense without one real playmaker receiver. The two best guys are tight end Todd Heap and runningback Willis McGahee. Joe Flacco may have won his first start, but this offense put 17 points on the Bengals. Their defense presents the same challenge hopscotch does. The only defensive player that I think is any good is the rookie linebacker Keith Rivers and the injured safety Dexter Jackson. So whoop-de-do, you beat the Bengals. The Cleveland Browns were almost a playoff team! They will not be easy. The only way you can convince me that Flacco can beat this team is for him to change his name to Montana, if you get my drift. 1-2 for the Browns.

0-2 Cincinnati Bengals vs. 2-0 New York Giants. The Giants will win this game or it will be a bigger upset than the Super Bowl! The Bengals running game is entrusted in this rookie Chris Perry, who has hardly been spectacular. Quarterback Carson Palmer is going downhill from here if he doesn't pull himself together. He has an opportunity to set passing records with two Pro Bowl receivers TJ Houshmandzez and Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco or whatever the heck his name is these days. He has got to take a leader's stand and do something. But he probably won't. He spends too much time blaming his receivers, when he needs to be practicing with these dudes. I know Chad "dumbbutt" Ocho Cinco is hard to work with but as the philosopher Jagger said. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Ocho Cinco is skipping surgery to play this year. That counts for something, doesn't it? If you can be on a team together then you can "try" to work together and "you get what you need" which is touchdowns. I have already mentioned the Bengals's defense so don't expect New York to lose. 0-3 for the Bengals.

0-2 San Diego Chargers vs. 1-1 New York Jets. Monday Night Football is always a blast! And with these teams at battle, you better duck to avoid the chaos. The Chargers have got to show the viewers and especially their fans some defense. Antonio Cromartie, himself, recently admitted he was horrible. No Sean Merriman just adds more trouble. The rookie Cason was the first to get a pick. That is just embarrassing for the veterans. This team is going to have to have a big winning streak if they want to even make playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. I know about the bad call, but how can you let a two-point conversion bite you like that. The Jets need to make some improvements but Favre is unpredictable. He could tear the Chargers apart. Tomlinson is a major factor though. If he is healthy, then the Chargers can sleep a lot easier. I know Sproles is effective, but Tomlinson brings hope to the team because of his leadership. I hope Sproles starts cause he's on my fantasy lineup. In spite of all the mishaps, I think the Chargers will win because of all the talent they have while the Jets are still, technically, rebuilding/recycling. 1-2 for the Chargers.

0-2 Kansas City Chiefs vs. 1-1 Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is rebuilding. Kansas City is rebuilding. This will be a battle of who has the better construction workers. Matt Ryan will be coming off a horror week with Tampa Bay. They will have a much easier time with the Chiefs. Honestly, I think that Herman Edwards wants to lose. Here is my theory: If the Chiefs finish last, they get the first overall pick in the next draft. The most logical pick for them is the Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow! They made no efforts to get a decent quarterback like Byron Leftwich or Daunte Culpepper because they want to lose! They trade their sack specialist Jared Allen to Minnesota for a lot of picks, including the first rounder, in order to have a young team. Think about it. Glenn Dorsey and Tim Tebow on the same team! If those two fulfill their obligations then this team could possibly win a Super Bowl in a few years. Its just a theory, but heck I would want Tebow as my guy. The Chiefs could get their old Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson to show him some things. But theory or no theory I think the Falcons will win. 0-3 for the Chiefs.

0-2 Minnesota Vikings vs. 2-0 Carolina Panthers. Now that Tarvaris Jackson has been benched it proves many analysts's points. The quarterback job is inconsistent in Minnesota. This is a potential Super Bowl team. If Fran Tarkenton had used this team in his three Super Bowls, He would have won one at least. Adrian Peterson is a brilliant runningback, Bernard Berrian is a very good deep threat, the Purple People Eaters are back, what is missing? The quarterback who can get it to the receivers. Jackson couldn't do that, and I don't think that Gus Frerotte will do it either. This team will need to look for another quarterback or get lucky. The Panthers have Jake Delhomme back in the form that led them to a Super Bowl. I think since the Panthers are a more complete team they will win. 0-3 for the Vikings. P.S. This one is a very close one.

0-2 St. Louis Rams vs 0-2 Seattle Seahawks. Well, one has to win right? This one is easy for me to decide. Seahawks have a good runningback with Julius Jones, and there are maybe one or two teams worse at stopping the run than the Rams. I don't want to get started on the Rams, because once I start I won't stop. I would be like Simon Cowell (American Idol judge, who is very blunt) and would tell them how adjectives fail me to describe how awful this team has played lately. I will say this though. The Rams could get a time machine, go the 80s and pick up a young Howie Long, take him back here, put him with his son Chris Long on the same line, and this team would still suck. 0-3 for the Rams and 1-2 for the Seahawks.

I saved the best for last. 0-2 Detroit Lions vs. 1-1 San Francisco 49ers. I hope to the lord that Detroit loses. Not because I don't like the Lions, its because I don't like certain Lions. I detest Jon Kitna. He has an ego that could fill the Super Dome and is always guaranteeing ten wins. The guy is also a less than competent quarterback since he can't communicate with his receivers without fighting. He also called out the Dallas defense two years ago, and I'm sorry but he needs to shut up. Then there is Roy Williams. I have nothing against him personally, but his high school is my high school's main rival. I also like Mike Singletary, who is a coach for the 49ers. I think the Lions will definitely lose, because they are one of the maybe two teams that are worse at stopping the run than the Rams. Their defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is in Cleveland now so expect Frank Gore to tear the Lions to shreds. 0-3 for the Lions.

Here are my predictions, now we shall see if I speak the truth. Have a great football weekend.