Why My Worries Over Arsenal's Over-Reliance On Cesc Has Subsided

Ismail AyubCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

At the beginning of the season, when Cesc Fabregas wasn't in the Arsenal side due to injury, Arsenal had problems playing their football. The fluency, pace and goals of Arsenal's usual game weren't there. It was widely believed Arsenal without Cesc, wasn't Arsenal...

Everyone said, Arsenal need Cesc fit to play their game, or Arsenal would have trouble. Fans had cause to worry. Keeping a player fit and ready to start every game is nigh on impossible.

But... now, in the recent weeks we have seen the emergence of another Central Midfielder, similar in stature and style of play to Cesc Fabregas... DENILSON!

4 assists and 2 goals in 7 matches. What a return. In his most recent match (against Bolton),l saw how much Denilson's game had improved. Gone are the numerous wayward passes (I counted two in that game), gone are the needless and wreckless tackles which lead to free-kicks (I counted one in that game- due to Denilson's poor tackling). In this match, we saw Denilson making forward runs in to the box, we saw him move across the pitch, starting on the right, and finishing a move on the left and we saw a goal and an assist. He has certianly come on leaps and bounds.

This is the main reason my worries have diminished.

Another reason, that has seen my worries reduced, is the fact that Samir Nasri or Tomas Rosicky could slot perfectly into the centre of our midfield, should Fabregas need a rest/ be injured. I for one have wondered why Nasri didn't start in Central Midfield, against Fulham...

So what are your thoughts. Does Denilson's emergence excite you or has he still got a long way to go in your eyes?