What About Georgia? Undefeated Bulldogs Somehow Slipping in Polls

Garrett SpainContributor ISeptember 20, 2008

Why does No. 3 Georgia keep dropping in the polls? The Bulldogs are 3-0, and won their first two games handily.

Week One: Beat Georgia Southern, 45-21

Dropped from #1 to #2. USC runs up the score against Virginia, but Georgia doesn't run up the score, and USC jumps two spots in the polls. Georgia took Knowshon Moreno out in the second quarter.

Week Two: Beat Central Michigan, 56-17

Forced to run up the score, because if they didn't they would most likely haved dropped again.

Week Three: Beat South Carolina, 14-7

Dropped another spot in the polls. Although they only won by seven, South Carolina is an SEC team. The SEC is the toughest conference in the NCAA. Every SEC team is a good team, and most SEC games are close.

If you win, you should not drop in the polls. I mean, a win is a win, right? I may be biased, being that I live in Georgia, but they should still be ranked No. 1 in the nation if they haven't even lost. Why should you be punished when you win?