Philadelphia Eagles' Keys to Sunday's Matchup

Wayne CrearContributor ISeptember 20, 2008

The keys to the Birds' win are simple, but for some odd reason, Coach Reid finds a way to overanalyze...But anyways, here are the keys.


1. Get to Big Ben early.

His shoulder is banged up, and a few good group hugs from Cole and the gang will ensure him a warm seat on the pine.


2. LB's has to bounce back.

I know the LBs are young, but they have to learn from last week's game vs. the Cowpatties and not let Parker beat them. You know Pittsburgh is going to pound the rock, so the LBs have to play their gaps and not let Parker get to the outside...He does has speed.


3. The Three Amigos (Brown, Shep (show me the money), and Sam I Am) continue to gel.

Me personally, I'd like to see Brown take Considine's spot and leave him on special teams. That way all three can be on the field at the same time and control Ward and Holmes. Remember, we have Willie Reid (who was cut by the Steelers), so I am sure he can offer some input on their offensive schemes.


4. Continue to feed D-Jax the ball.

He has the HR factor, plus he'll make Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, and even (yeah, I said it) Greg Lewis better. Just make sure D-Jax crosses the goal line before chucking the ball OK?


5. Diversify the play calling.

The pass-run ratio looked like 65/35 instead of 55/45. We signed Booker for a reason. Why not put him, B-West, and Hunt all in the same backfield? Talk about matchup problems! MJG fares better run blocking since the Big Kid is out with a bad back, so I say pound it then pass it. But we all know how BiG Red is.


6. Prepare for the zone blitzes.

I love Pittsburgh's defense because they use their strengths (e.g. speed) to their advantage. Even though they don't have the big-name players like they did back in the day (e.g. Joey Porter) they still are formidable. Troy Palumalu is a beast, and D-Mac 5 better watch for him. Their CBs can be had by Brown and D-Jax.


7. Continue the improvement of the special teams.

Just don't have anymore return TDs! I like Quinton "Q-Dawg" Demps as the primary KO specialist. D-Jax is going to break one this week. I feel it...Or maybe it's just gas?


Anyway, those are my keys to the game...Let's hope the birds kick some ass this week! GO EAGLES!