JJ Redick: Just Give Him The Chance

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

JJ Redick. The greatest shooter in college basketball history.

"He's a great shooter, maybe the best I've ever seen in my life." – Georgia Tech forward Anthony McHenry.

JJ Redick is one of the hardest workers in basketball.

He consistently improves his shot every day.

What is his reward? Nothing.

When he graduated Duke University, he left college basketball behind with many records —Most points scored in ACC history, highest free-throw percentage in ACC history, most consecutive free throws made in ACC history, most points in one season by a Duke player, the most three pointers in NCAA history, as well as most points in ACC Tournament history.

He won the Rupp National Player of the Year award twice, and the Wooden and Naismith awards once (senior year).

He came into the NBA with high expectations. Drafted 11th by the Orlando Magic, many thought he'd see immediate playing time. However, since being drafted, he has only played in 76 games and has not started in one of them.

It's not like he hasn't produced.

When he comes in, he produces. However, it's the fact that he's never given the chance to play. Averaging 11.8 Minutes Per Game in his career, he also averages 5.2 Points Per game.

If Van Gundy even played him 25 minutes per game, he'd be looking at scoring 12-13 points per game, as a perfect NBA swing man: someone you don't necessarily have to start, but someone you put in as the 6th or 7th man to score some immediate points

If the Magic don't give him his shot this year, he needs to be traded.

It's just not fair.

Although on his blog, he states that it doesn't bother him, you know it's getting to his head.

Why wouldn't it be?

He came from being the most feared shooter in college basketball to some guy who comes in when his team is up or down 40 points.

I'm not saying he can or will be a star in the NBA, but I am saying that he has the potential to be a key bench player or even starter on a successful team. He has what it takes.

He just needs the chance.