Confessions of an SEC Fan

AC ClarkContributor ISeptember 20, 2008

Allow me to begin by apologizing on my behalf, and on the behalf of all of the SEC fans all over the nation, for our arrogance over the years. The clichés about us are true, we blindly insist that the SEC is the best conference now, in the past and in the future, this is proof positive of our ignorance.

I’m sure that valid and rational arguments can be made about all of the other conferences in regards to which conference is the best, and it’s our false pride prevents us from having an objective opinion. I thought that by writing these confessions, I could possibly unite all of the college fans, and take the first step in healing the relationship between the conferences.

Methinks the SEC fan doth protest too much—Are you tired of hearing the SEC fans cry about how ESPN and other sports outlets are biased against the SEC? Me too, just because ALL of the sports announcers and analyst from ESPN went to school in these these states: Colorado, Boston, Texas, New York, Pittsburgh, Oregon, Maryland, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington State, Washington, DC, Missouri, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio and Ohio, is no reason to suspect the SEC isn’t getting a fair shake.  Even if the colleges they attended were soundly trounced by an SEC school during their tenure, I’m sure they’re keeping it real.

SEC fans should stop bitching about the BCS system—The BCS system works perfectly, those folks in the SEC need to shut up and give it a chance. Hawaii is a perfect example, they finished 12-0 last year and were rewarded a No. 10 ranking at the end of the season; you can’t get any fairer than that.

Look at Ohio, they are 0-9 against SEC opponents in bowl games, and they were ranked higher than the four of the five SEC teams in the top ten this year. This proves that the system works, how else would the nation have known about the amazing talent that the Buckeye’s had returning.

Another example of the BCS’s wisdom was last year’s Virginia Tech; VT finished the regular season ranked No. 3 behind the National champs, LSU.  Who would have guessed that a team from the ACC could have orchestrated such an astonishing turn-around if it were not for the BCS?  Any team that can finish one level behind the national champs in the polls (a team that pounded them so badly that they were rotating JUCO walk-ons by the end of the third quarter), is an amazing feat.

Had VT been given the opportunity to play ANY of the SEC teams that were ranked below them at the end of the regular season like Georgia, Auburn, and Florida they surely would have validated the BCS’s system. You SEC fans need to give it a break and grow up!

Shut up about the air-time—In closing, I am sick and tired of hearing the SEC fans gripe about the amount of air time they are given by the major sports networks.  Notre Dame is a historic school and Americans want to know about them on EVERY sportscast of EVERY day regardless of their laughable schedule and pathetic record.

It can’t be helped that that Ohio State, USC, Texas, Michigan and an unknown WAC team are the most newsworthy college football teams out there every year. Spending three segments of a four segment show discussing these teams is completely justifiable; besides, they give the 5 SEC teams, ranked in the top ten, a full segment to their selves, shared with news from Beanie Wells toe.