Vilma Getting A Feel For The Saints' Defensive Scheme

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 20, 2008

It looks as if the New Orleans Saints have finally found themselves a solid middle linebacker. Jonathan Vilma was traded to the Saints from the New York Jets for a conditional draft pick in the offseason. In his first two regular season games with the Saints, he has amassed a total of around 25 tackles. He also made an interception against the Washington Redskins on a two point conversion. Vilma said that he was starting to get a feel for the defense recently while speaking to reporters.

When the Saints traded for Vilma, many fans didn't know what to expect from the former college standout because he suffered a knee injury last year while with the Jets. "I’m always cognizant about my knee. Asides from that, it’s about the guys around me that are doing a really good job even though we didn’t play up to our standards against Washington, we look to bounce back," Vilma said recently.

With the addings of tight end Jeremy Shockey, Randall Gay, Aaron Glenn, Sedrick Ellis, and others, many players have the chance to be called the best roster move of the 2008 offseason but so far, Vilma is the leading candidate. Even if he doesn't turn out to be the best roster move of 2008, if he keeps making tackles and picks a pass off here and there, then I'll be happy.

As for now, we hope the Vilma and the rest of the Saints will have a great game in Denver, Sunday.